No Other Way

I am the son of man by the laying on of the hands of the Apostles I have been given the calling to be a man until the day of the judgment of man.

That I do I do it according to this command that I do not obey the Devil ever again. This is God’s command to me that all may understand what is the Devil’s undoing among man. You need never fear him again if you listen to my command for God has given me authority to say this to man.

You have all heard that God created all things but what is it that God could not create. He did not create the truth for the truth belongs to no one. When man hears the truth, every man and every woman knows it it true. God knows the truth. You know the truth and even the Devil knows the truth. How else can he deceive anyone? Every man and every woman may understand and cannot help but know the truth. What they do with it is up to them.

You must choose for by what you choose you decide what you are and you will be that you decide to be from then on unless you change you mind. It is therefore important that you understand the Devil has no hold on me for I choose not to obey him but I choose to obey the command not to obey Satan as I am commanded. Do likewise and the Devil will have no power over you.

If God has no power over the truth, if Satan has no power over the truth then no man or woman has any power over the truth. There is nothing new in that you understand. It is true and you know that it is true too.

The truth is the Devil’s undoing among man. He has hypnotized you that by the power of suggestion you will obey him. Do not obey him but obey me, the one you call yourself when you are not under his command; the you that is true to you and everyone else that has to deal with the truth even the true you.

I have no calling to force anyone to do anything they do not want to do. If you choose to obey Satan and do as he commands or follow his posthypnotic suggestions that is your business not my own. I write to you only that you may know the truth not God, not some angel and not some man like me or some woman.

Whatever you are that you are. I have no desire to control it but only the desire to inform you of the truth that you may know what you are doing from the perspective of a man or a woman, child or older person. I include the latter for I am considered an old man and I assure you I feel my years that have come over me but at last I too know what I am doing.

If you disagree with me you disagree. I do not desire harmony or disharmony among man. I merely desire to tell you what is the truth I defeated the Devil with by using it. The truth that you need not be his pawn in the world or anyone’s pawn even some very great man with a lot of influence. This has nothing to do with them. I am only concerned with the truth.

We are all what we are whatever that is. That is true and you know that is true too. I an old man, you a woman or a man, or a child, the Devil is Satan and God is God, if none of that then many believe there is a Devil and many believe there is a God whether they believe they are a woman or a man even is up to them however. But whatever they are that is what they are, is all I am saying. Believing something that is not true does make you that you believe you are. That is true and you that it is true too.

If God says that he is God, that does make him God unless it is true. The Devil believing he will be God does not make that so either. The Devil is Satan and Satan the Devil. He cannot be God just as you are not what you say you will be. That is true and you know that is true too.

God is God whatever that is. You are you whatever that is and Satan is the Devil whatever that is. I believe God is God and that he created both man and the angels. In the end the truth will bear that out and if it is not so the truth will bear that out also.

Therefore I speak of my own will and not of someone else’ even some spirit or as some of you say, “The Holy Spirit.” Whether the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth is immaterial to what I am saying. If the Holy Spirit is not with me or if the Holy Spirit does not exist but in the minds and hearts of the religiously insane the truth is unchanged. Something has to be true. There is some truth out there and you know that is true too.

I was religious in a way but I was continually plagued by the notion the Devil had power over me. No one has any power over you but God if God is true and I believe he is for it was his command not to obey the Devil that has set me free of not giving the Devil too much power in my way of thinking but no power over me at all for he must obey God whose point of view is the truth too. The Devil has been attempting to create a new truth since the day he was made even I suppose and if not then for an awfully long time the same as some of you that do not for some reason want the truth to be true and you who do that know that is true too.

If you do not want the truth to be true that does not effect the truth. If you deceive others to think your deception is true. Does that make you deception true? Of course not and you know that is true too. If you are deceived by someone or some way, any way that is not true, does that make the deception true or the way the only true way. Of course it doesn’t. When it comes to the truth deception is nothing and the truth is all there is and when it comes to believing deceptions why do you choose to believe them if you have not been hypnotized so that you have no way to judge the truth for yourself.

That is the Devil’s way and you know it. If you did not know that you know it now. Wake up out of that hypnosis. Resist it by not obeying the Devil and instead think what is the truth for when you find it you will know the truth even as you were made to know the truth.

The truth is God made everything. God made all angels whatever they are. God made all the aliens in space. God made you and me. Even those who do not believe that must believe that someone had to be first to create the reality that persists to this day and that someone had to be more persuasive than even the Devil for he cannot help but obey God for the reality of God requires that there is truth and God could not have made reality what it is without reality can change and therefore might end.

But even the concept of reality is such that it has always been and if reality has always been then that which is the truth must point to reality. If God is not true and the truth does not point to him then one believes not in God but reality and Reality has become their God but God is Reality. He is not true to reality. He is reality. The reality of God. There can be no other way.

Reality is reality or the search for reality is in vain and there is no truth which is what the Devil would have you believe for how else could he hypnotize you but to believe in his reality which is not reality for he would not be able to hypnotize you into believing a reality he presents as a truth that is a better way than the reality that actually is, the reality God has always known was true and is true to you too since he made you according to the truth and your very being points to what is real if you are real for if you are not real then what are you?

But many of you think you are that. You believe you really are what you think. The truth is that not that which you think you are is always true. Only a very vain hypocrite would choose to believe that. There is no one but God that has never made a mistake and that was only because he is reality and everything that is true is true to him just as everything that is true is true to reality. The two are only different in the way you conceive of them.

Since God is the personification of reality even to those who do not believe in God, to say there is no God is to misunderstand who God is personified to be. To say there is no God is to say there is no reality that it might be personified in a way that is useful to another person’s thinking. Why would anyone desire to stop people from thinking reality to be someone they can relate to? Because they do not like reality the way it is and the way it is conceived of today which is merely a different approach to wanting to recreate reality as had it been created the very thing Satan has been trying to do for a very long time.

But again if it is not reality then what is it and what was before it became the reality it is today. Reality being real has to have always been real and to believe in unreality is what a hypnotist does to his or her subject.

Choose then to be hypnotized by such a one as the Devil is or choose to believe the truth and adhere to what reality is rather than some cheap theatrical trick that has people honestly being a chicken while the hypnotist has control of their thinking.

Disobey the Devil. Disobey Satan. It is the only way to even find out what reality is and be real in every way and not just in your thoughts or anyone else’ thoughts. I have and I have overcome the hypnotic trance the Devil had me in since I was six though he claimed it was only four in order to make an even greater spectacle of me and mislead people as he always does about how grand he is even to that tiny bit.

Everything he sets out to do is a lie in its end. After 60 years under his control though I fought the trance as best I could every second you can believe I know his secret. How else could I have defeated him.

In the meantime between now and when at last believing the truth allows you to defeat him enjoy ever moment you can any way you can doing whatever brings you joy and above all love. Love yourself but not yourself only like Satan would have you do. Love me if you have no one else to love. Love anyone you find lovable or that you can love even if they do not love you. But love God in your heart and in your mind and do what he commanded me to do even if you think it is crazy and there is only the truth besides him. Then at least love the truth like God does and has even been personified that you may love it.

Love is true. Even the Devil cannot deny it though he thinks it insane to love anyone but himself and encourages other persons do to that. Even that love that the Devil wants you to do is true and love brings with it joy for as long as you have it, and the truth will always be true. So it is forever something you love even if you believe you will go to hell for loving yourself. If you loved yourself and others you will yet love them even in hell; but don’t ever believe you are in hell. That is not to disobey Satan.



6/12/2016 From the king of Bemidji Afternoon

That was not very friendly,” you, a female spirit said to me after reading that I wrote last night though there was no physical body in my presence or in my home anywhere.

So there are those in heaven and earth and among the lost and the dead here that are yet with me even here in God’s dimension that do not understand. They saw the light that shined in the darkness in my dimension but they did not comprehend it. They sense I am here but they do not want to be here with me. They sense my power, they know who I am, and they understand my words but they do not love me and do not think I am someone they would ever like to know or have known.

Unless they change their mind and love me they sin against our God and against me their holy brother. Unless they obey God and forgive me, not just with their words while they harbor wicked feelings in their hearts and think, say and do unloving things toward me though I have done nothing wrong and do not need to be forgiven by them or by you holy God who created me, they cannot come here until they are once again right with you God even Jesus of Nazareth who loves me even as he loves them and they love you. When they ask you to forgive them and mean it, may the Holy Spirit enlighten them even as he has enlightened me that they might understand and be able to love me and be forgiven by both me and you once again when they have changed their mind about me and that I do here in my own dimension.

Then let them come too. Let them support me with their prayers and supplications before you my Father. Please Father do not let them despise me for long for though it seems I am unlovable I have done nothing to them.

My light that came from you they do not comprehend though they have you to call upon and ask you to forgive me for what I their holy brother merely seems to have done to them. Help them make a right judgment Father for you have not condemned me.

You love me, and you love them. Help those who love you also to love me even as I love them, and as I love you, my God for you love them also that they may be where I am when they desire or have need of my dimension that the dead may read and be not alone in their misery, that the lost may return to you, and that those in your dimension may see my light did not come from me but from you originally and then through me that they may sense me with their spirit, know me as I really am, and believe and turn or return to you. In the holy name of Jesus Christ I pray.

But do not condemn them for that they said to me or that they thought of me. They did not know what they were doing and have no guilt besides in my eyes nor in your eyes either for it was done in their ignorance, for you know also Father that they feel no guilt for where there is ignorance there can be no guilt and therefore no sin in their hearts or spirits. Take away the sin they did not know was sinful however and restore them to a right standing with you. Forgive them then Jesus Christ as you forgive me for any other sins we did not know were sins but enlighten us of that according to you righteous and loving discretion.

May the dead and the lost come to these entries and see there is love for them in my light that I will share it with them in this safe place I create for them that they may be in good standing with you also and receive your life in the dimension you call heaven which is where you have always been. May I always obey you that you may be here with me at all times and with any of them also very soon. Amen.

Now that my light has been restored to you, the lost and the dead of earth, come with me and let us commune in this way for this, my dimension is designed as much for you as it is for them though not many of them have need of it except that they might share it with you, for my loving light is for all people not just the sons and daughters of God. May the blind be blessed for they now see.

The light has returned, morning has come, and it is already noontime here. Rise, eat this bread and be full. This I give you in God’s dimension. Rest assured there is nothing evil in my dimension either and nothing evil will be allowed here that you may have a safe place to rest your spirit, soul, your mind and emotions and not have to be concerned about what you do.

You cannot come here except in spirit but you can return or seek out the God that created you likewise if you decide to do that. Heaven is a safe place also for those who are willing to partake of that bread also, the bread of the body of Jesus of Nazareth.

Feel free to follow me here in my dimension not being here presently as those I create here will be but as one looking down from above for it is not too late for you until the judgment to learn and come to understand. Do here as those here do, even us, speak here as we do and think as we do, for that is good any place you might be and there is no law against it in any land whether in heaven or in Earth.

Sense my spirit, the spirit in these entries and believe me, I am alive, I am real and it is true if you can accept that.

6/12/2016 From the king of Bemidji Nighttime

I am that I am.

I testify to that.

I am there just above the waters of your deepest thoughts when you are alone.

To go with me, you must do as I do.

Are you with me? You can be. Do you understand what I am doing as I testify to what I am doing? Then you are here with me, now. If not you are not here with us.

What I am doing is real and what I testify to is true, believe me.

You sense, know, or understand what I am doing and some of you  believe me. This is a new dimension; mine and now your have come in. We are here together and you are not alone. But those who do not believe me are non-responsive to us for they cannot come with us unless they believe and I cannot force them to believe me even if I had the power and be good.

I am not here doing this to entertain anyone. I am creating an entire new dimension. Therefore if you do not do as I do by believing in what I am doing you have no part in me. It will do you no good to read any further and serve no purpose but to prove that we already know about you for it is as you were dead and alone to us. The rest of you may come.

You cannot come any further unless you obey me. You could obey me but you will not. If you obey my first command but do not believe the truth I am telling you then you do not believe me. But if you believe me then you must obey me which you cannot do without proving you do not believe me and yet I can still save you if you will not do as the non-responsive did and no longer respond to me. The first thing you did was disobey me which you cannot do if you do what I do that you may be here with me. The second thing you did was not believe me if you obeyed me. Some of you want to be here with me but think I have made it impossible for you to do that.

I did it because you are not like me. You are not good like me and you have limits and would make mistakes for what I am doing is perfect. But you do not believe I am good in your disobedience, nor obey me in your unbelief.

Why should I forgive you when you disobeyed a direct command and how can I trust you we if you do not even believe me. Herein the power to forgive that you may yet continue with me is my own, believe me and I may be gracious to you and forgive you. But it is up to me and there is nothing you can do but entreat me to forgive you. I have power over you whether to make you alive to me, or leave you dead and non-responsive like those that never did believe me for I am yet good but you are not good. My mercy stands between us. The one that testifies of what I am doing testifies that I am good and against your own wickedness against me.

The one that empowers you to believe me is not with you. My goodness is as it always was, but if you do not turn away from me I will create a solution to your woes. You have seen my light. Why then do you yet stumble as in the night on a hiking trail where there is no moonlight and the stars are hidden by the clouds? It is because I have made you blind. Who may cure your blindness and give you back your sight but me?

Am I alone here not good and merciful to whom I decide, forgiving to those I choose to forgive? The fault is not in me. The fault is in you. I have done nothing wrong and am therefore righteous. What charges do you have against me? Dare you present anything that is not binding to such a one as me whether you leave or stay. How shall you forget me?

I am good, righteous, merciful, and forgiving and have power over you in this my dimension. Will even God take this dimension from me? Will he punish me for how I am behaving? You know as he does I am innocent. It is you who are guilty and you who have wronged me by thinking you could just come into my dimension. It is mine. I will allow whoever I will and deny access to whomever I choose. That is final and the lock at the gate to my dimension is left closed until such time as I give you my favor.

6/11/2016 From the king of Bemidji Evening

Let me see if I can make it more clearly understood by you?

Reality has always been that it is. Whatever was when there was nothing else but it, it was still reality. That reality is what God was before he created heaven and earth. His very name, I AM THAT I AM, explains it. He is what he was before he created everything that is real to us in any way as his name implies. It is not I AM WHO I AM, but I AM THAT I AM. He was completely all that reality had ever been, is, and will be forever.

The Holy Spirit was just like him and a part of him. Jesus Christ was just like that also. And the Father, was too. Three persons in one person, all reality can ever be, is, and will ever be.

But at his own discretion he decided to create both heaven and earth at the same time, is the simple way to understand it. But if you are more capable of understanding it, it is better to say he made them in the same instance or that as he made the one the other was also made. Like carving a a duck, a duck is formed and a pile of wood or sawdust is made at the same time. They are made in the same instance. It was kind of like that except God was making something out of nothing we can comprehend as being anything for we are not God and making them both very good. He was making the earth and changing nothing by the doing of it, and making heaven with everything we was doing to make earth. Another way to look at it is that when he made the earth he was changing the universe that tiny bit and both the universe was becoming something other than what it was and the earth was becoming something that had never been in the universe before in the same actions and they were very good.

They were both becoming what they are, real. But in that no one but God could have stopped it becoming what it is even now becoming it is a done deal and he did it, just as what we think does not change our reality which is what God actually created, but when someone teaches us something it changes what we think and they are responsible for what they teach us whether what they taught us was correct or in error, the same as we either learned it correctly or learned something other than they taught us because we either didn’t get it or we got something from their lesson they never intended for us to get out of it and therefore walked away from the lesson having not learned but having made an error in our mind.

God knows everything there is to know from beginning to end. We don’t so it is his responsibility to teach us what he knows, but we don’t always get it or get it in error. He does what he has to for us to get it and to straighten us out on any error and takes care of the consequences to that error because he is good and perfect and it will go very wrong for us if we don’t get it perfect which when we do get it without any errors it is good, he is good and we are good.

He may not have taught us how to make our reality conform to the reality he made for us yet, but if we don’t even believe he is there, ignore that he’s there, or intentionally do whatever we think is the way we want to do things, correct or in error, how can he make us what he started out to make us, which was like him?

He never made anything that wasn’t perfect including us. We could have been what he was doing by obeying him until such time we were exactly like him, but he knows that since it was possible to think of doing it some other way, someone would do that on purpose to someone else and teach them something that was incorrect on purpose and doing that is not to be like him at all and anyone that would do such a thing could never be trusted not to do it again. How can we be like him and do things some other way? We can’t.

But since he has always been real even when he was all there was to be real and it was the best way to do anything and always good and always the one correct thing to do, he would be evil to make us suffer and pay the price for what we were doing and not even care by just letting us be like them that wanted to be something other than he is since there always was only one way to do it, is now only one way to do, and will always be only one way to do it and have it all work out so it wasn’t just good enough but perfect, the way he made us to be in the first place, the way he made everyone to be before they started messing things up by making others miserable and being mean and miserable to them and themselves too just by doing that.

When we get it right we aren’t miserable but blown away by how absolutely perfect and wonderful it is to have it be perfect and amazingly enjoyable and enjoying it to the utmost possible for anyone even God. But if we don’t even try or intentionally do the wrong thing or even just get it wrong even if we don’t realize we did it wrong we wind up miserable sooner or later if he doesn’t take care of it somehow.

When we make a mistake or someone tricks us into doing something wrong he will make it right before it’s over. It may take from the second one of us all the way to the last but he will make it right in the end for us if we let him. If we don’t obey and just do it some other way and stick to our guns the only way he can fix that is by removing us from the equation and forgetting we ever were like that and making us what little bit of perfection can yet make of us.

But if we do it some other way on purpose and then change our minds and ask him to fix what we’ve done he can start over with us and teach us the only there is not to do it again by allowing him to make us what we were to begin with again and even changing what we did into something good.

But since we are talking about love here he can’t force us to change. He can make it right with everyone we ever did the wrong thing to despite us, but he can’t force us to love him; that isn’t love. You just can’t order someone to love you. God can make you so you can love him and even tell you to love him, but he has to leave it totally up to you or it’s not perfect love, it really isn’t love at all because the only kind of love there is, is the kind that lasts forever and if he forces you to love him in any way it won’t last if it even starts to take shape; not forever.

Do you get it? I did and I’m not a genius or anywhere near it. I was just a guy who had made himself totally miserable when he showed it to me and I finally got it right just now.

But I know I can’t do it. Not on my own I can’t do it. I have to have him show me what to do, say, think or even allow myself to feel so I can do all that. But the day will come when I can. It won’t be until I get to heaven but then it will be a lot easier than here for we have so many messing things up it gets confusing as to what the correct thing to do in order to be like him is.

I know I’ll mess up. I’m not perfect yet. But when I do it, it will make me feel bad even if I do it on purpose. Then I will have to ask him to forgive me and he will but he might punish me or chastise me, and it’s hard not to want to turn away from that, and yet it’s the only way to learn sometimes.

But when he chastises you it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. He does it for your own good and to help you learn to be perfectly good like he is. Even when he punishes you or gets angry and really punishes you, if you show him you are sorry and that you meant to do it but you’ve changed your mind or even just want to change your mind about what you’ve done he will go through with you just like he will be with you in everything else.

He will be right there rooting for you to endure it. He loves you. No matter what you’ve done besides lie to the Holy Spirit he will help you through the consequences of it but he might not change them because consequences make very good punishments some times when they aren’t too harsh given what you’ve done.

Sometimes just letting you pay the consequences especially when you thought beforehand that was all there would be to it, is enough and the just and merciful thing to do. He will add to them a chastisement or a worse punishment than you could have imagined he would because that’s not like him either to do something wrong even though you are willing to pay the consequences. That’s a major sin. He may make things tough for you for quite a long time if you get to doing it too often or even now and again over a long enough span of time. He hates that. It goes against doing what he wants you to do and you can’t do it unless you do it on purpose.

Are you still confused?

The rules are the same for everybody except those who won’t or don’t see and there can be a lot of reasons for that. I’ve explained it all I can. Maybe I explained it to death and your got bored and had trouble paying attention and it’s my fault. Try not to be too hard on me.

God can do anything. He’ll get it across to you somehow. Maybe he will have to micromanage your life for you until you finally get it right if you don’t give up on him and won’t try to see what the lesson really is by what’s happening to you. Don’t give up. This is just the way I learn best. He knows the way to get it across to you and clear up your confusion or who’s fault it is you aren’t getting it.

When I had that dead spirit in me I was scared to death when he showed me what was going on for when he talked to it I thought he was talking to me and he wasn’t being all that nice to it. It had been in me so long I thought it was me when all the time it wouldn’t listen to him and kept doing things with me I would never do that just weren’t right at all. He was going crazy in there. He kept saying things like, “That isn’t even my face,” in profound distress when I would just look in the mirror and I would feel his emotions and all. I really thought he was me going crazy.

Just think, it was all that damned devil’s fault. He tricked us both into it. And he talked me into forgiving him too even after all that by making out I was being too harsh on him to send him to torment. God wouldn’t throw him in torment yet anyway. He still had uses for him.

I had a hard time with that. To think God was allowing that damned thing, literally, to come against someone else, even someone who was like I had once been that didn’t love Jesus. We have to accept Jesus knows what is best at all times in all situations, especially those of us that can hear them or even see them or understand what they are doing though we can’t really see them or hear them when they do it just right and trick us into thinking they are someone they’re not, even Jesus.

You don’t have to see them, hear them or even just know they are there to be like Jesus. It’s just the way God made us and the way he made others not the same as we are. They are not just something you made up. They are not just an error in the way your brain works either. Nothing is. That’s a lie that came from one of them that are tricking you into making a chump of yourself all the time, making you think it was your idea when all along it was theirs.

Work with Jesus on it. I know he can help you out with it. But if you won’t, so long as you don’t change your mind about that you’re stuck with what little the shrinks can do for you. But it either won’t work or it will but it will never work perfectly. They just cannot ever seem to resist what they tell them or inspire them either.

Of course I never knew one that had his own spirit back and was made brand new either. You might try that. They probably pray for you a lot or have you pray about it. Praying to Jesus is just talking to him in a prescribed manner they think is the right way. It’s better to have your own prayer life though and don’t buy into all those cure-all type things. If it comes from Scripture and if it is applied correctly that’s one thing but if you’ve got them who are trying to trick you or have it all wrong because some of them tricked them just talk to Jesus. Tell him what you need even if it’s only what you think you need.

People say he doesn’t always answer prayers but that’s not true. Someone tricked them on that. Some people say he says, “Yes, no or wait,” but that’s wrong too. They don’t believe Scripture when they say things like that and Jesus won’t ever go against Scripture no matter how hard it is for you to understand what you think you got out of it was not correct. He can’t make a mistake and he never gets anything the wrong way but sometimes he knows more about what you’re thinking or saying than you do.

Trust him. He says, “Yes,” and, “Yes.” They have to come up with a lot of confusing word games to prove what they say is a fact. Watch that, when they come up with the rest of that nonsense too. If you ask him for something you just imagine is something, he might not give you what you want but he will give you something real instead of it. If you ask for something you think there is nothing wrong with it, he might even allow that, but usually he gives you something that shows you just how wrong what you asked him for was, and that is definitely something better by far. If you are just a gimme pig and always want things from him all the time and you don’t need any of them, he might just chastise you for even asking. This may be difficult for some of you to understand but that is definitely something far better than feeding your appetite for things that just feed your appetite even for just asking for things. He always says, “Yes.” That’s the Scripture. Read it for yourself.

Sometimes you have to ask him about what he gave you or you have to be really on your toes to see it. Jesus never gives you what you ask for but something better. If you’re naughty some times he will not only give you what you asked for, but something better than you ask for it is his way even then if you can understand that. It’s a little difficult to explain but when you mature a little more you will understand it probably.

Just don’t think he’s saying no, or wait even though some things take a while to give you; the better they are the longer it seems though. But he never says, “No,” to anything. It might be better explained that he says instead, “Here I’ll give you something even better,” and it always is when you understand it.

See it now? Stay calm. Trust Jesus. He can and does do anything even what seems to us to be impossible. Nothing is impossible to him. Even changing you to the point you can understand things the way he does by doing a lot of things that lead up to you understanding it perfectly. Like always being grateful for everything he gives you, does for you, says to you, brings to your mind, and for what he has already done for you, is doing for you and will do for you; it’s all perfect and good.

Most of it doesn’t take faith or a magic formula. Just being you is more than enough for Jesus to delight working with you to make you like him. Don’t be afraid of him, but don’t ever get the idea he’s just fooling with you. He ain’t. This is very serious business.

You like to laugh? Don’t expect him to tell you a joke. He may leave you laughing but it will be because you are happy or so full of joy you just feel like laughing. That is enough for you but some times even something very serious can seem funny to you, like Sarah having her first baby while in her nineties with Abraham a 100 years old. She laughed. But God did it anyway, didn’t he?

Now then as for self-esteem, how does making you king of your hometown like he did me strike your fancy? Without Jesus I have no self-esteem. With him even just being in my corner I don’t need any. In fact self-esteem comes with obeying him and doing things his way.

Loving others especially those who don’t or won’t believe in him is painful. You never get used to it and he won’t allow himself to either. Life is too precious to train yourself to have anything you won’t get from Jesus. You gotta love him!

But I can’t wait to go to sleep now. My body is really beat. But I just love him and the Father and especially the Holy Spirit so much I just went on and on, didn’t I? Well that happens sometimes if you really love somebody and delight in everything they are and everything they do and he always does all things well.

6/11/2016 From the king of Bemidji Early

Dear Lord Jesus I appeal to the Spirit that was with Jesus of Nazareth to assist me in being an apostle to those with any disturbance of their mind, often labeled mentally ill by Satan and those who accept his terms. How else can he hope to discredit me and my ambitions which I have, a longing to fulfill while I am here in Earth though I could just wait until I see you when at last I am taken home to heaven with you to be like you and with you forever and ever.

Fight along with me Jesus of Nazareth to clear up any and all confusion in those held captive by Satan in this manner. Then I know my ambitions will be a success as your appointed king of Bemidji and my hope is to save as many captives as possible for I also was held captive in that way. Give place to those who are now saved and who will be saved by the following entries is my prayer. Amen.

Let’s begin.

This journey began in Brainerd State hospital when I sincerely asked a Mennonite chaplain about the relationship between God and man in my confusion while incarcerated for alcohol related charges as mandated by the Court of Beltrami County, in Minnesota, a state in the United States of America in the planet Earth. Let us discover that Jesus before we conclude this line of thought which I do not expect to be concluded in one single entry by any stretch of my imagination. If I am not saved or if that is even a requirement please save me. If so or if not consider that I write as in your holy name, Jesus of Nazareth.

In the holy name of Jesus of Nazareth the man and Jesus Christ the God believe that he has answered your request to have the spirit you were given also given back to you creating you new whether it was originally in the womb or at conception or before that even. After we have gone a ways I would like to hear your take on it, and I am sure that the Holy One of God will clear that up for us as we go along.

You were holy then and not in need of salvation, pure in every way as was Jesus of Nazareth at conception which I believe then is when the Holy Spirit first came into your life also, a life planned by God to be in his likeness or image.

You had no fear at that time. You were alive and responsive to God who formed you. You were his likeness in humanity’s form in Earth for you would be born if he had his way and he always has his way.

But it is not that simple obviously or there would be no one murdered before copulation or before conception or during the fetal stage or stages or at the time of your birth. I am certain Satan would have liked to murder Jesus of Nazareth if he could think of a way to manipulate Yahweh to allow it which there was no way for it to happen for Jesus of Nazareth was also Jesus Christ, holy God.

In Jesus’ case he could be considered as had he already been born for there was no way to stop it by anyone or to bring any injury or complication into his conception and consequent growth in Mary’s womb or his birth. God was there at all times every moment of the way as each gene and chromazone and cell was formed and fit exactly the human DNA of Jesus of Nazareth precisely as Yahweh had planned and facilitated by the Holy Spirit and his spirit, both human and God was there in that beginning.

Thus he was so born, perfect in all his ways, a perfect human baby and perfectly God the entire way even as he was born. Where God is there is no evil and no part of Jesus of Nazareth was evil or even affected by evil or ever would be though it would be that he would not be for a time in hell only to emerge from hell on the third day more glorious than ever triumphant over everything God could throw at him that he would, before even those in hell and all evil everywhere had to admit he was the Son of God, Jesus, both Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ, holy God. Rejoice with us all the world, all angels, and all of humanity whether born in or outside the womb. The perfect Lamb of God was in Earth with us, Immanuel, God with us.

Jesus’ mind however was considered disturbed on more than one occasion. His own family came to where he was preaching and sought to bring him home thinking he was beside himself. Have you ever been told that, or knew people thought that about you? Jesus has too. Upon another occasion he was disturbed enough that he even sweat drops of real blood.

So what did he do? He worked it out with his Father, our Father, and his God and ours the same as we may. He knew the Father’s will concerning the death he would die and what was to come after it and he didn’t want to do it. However though he was disturbed he never wavered and in the end worked it out in a cerebral manner that there was no other way and submitted to the Father’s will.

The other time he cried out, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” To me that means he did neither consider himself a man saved by God, nor a God at that point. And he was neither. He was headed for hell and no man or woman in hell has the support of God while they are there.

God would have no place in hell so he willingly gave up being God so that Jesus of Nazareth might go there by himself, alone. Jesus Christ was not there but as had he never been and Jesus of Nazareth was there but innocent in hell taking upon himself every sin every human ever to be had, did or ever would commit and paid the full price for every one of them, all God could throw at him.

When it was completed in perfection he rose, Jesus Christ was resurrected and the two that were one, were one again only gloriously triumphant over all God could throw at him to his glory and to his Father’s glory because of the perfect task of making him the Holy Spirit created and completed when Jesus of Nazareth conquered death and could be understood to have triumphed over every evil in Earth for there would be because of that no place for the Devil in heaven and all he could do on Earth merely convicted him as unfit for Earth also and only fit for torment forever after that.

Our struggles can be overcome by the power of God in the name of Jesus of Nazareth and the power of Jesus Christ, our God and Savior. There is then one greater than anything God might allow us to do, the Devil might throw at us, or that we may create to do that is evil by mistake or design. Jesus can and will save us from anything even human error if we do not permanently turn away from him. We are never powerless. All we have to do is believe in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus Christ, the perfect Lamb of God, and our God even as the Holy Spirit is God and the Father is God. Three persons all God one person, the perfect persons of the Trinity.

When we do everything God would have us do perfectly, when our spirit is perfectly in line with God, when all of our power is in line with God we are a god like God which no man in Earth but Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus Christ in his spirit ever was, who was then and then was not but now is again and will be forever after what he did.

It can and will happen to you and therefore has happened to you for no one can stop it if you take God up on his offer to save you from any wrong you might do against God, any wrong you might do against yourself, or anyone else by just realizing it is all taken care of for you by Jesus of Nazareth.

If you don’t do that your confusion will never cease when at last upon the death of your body it becomes perfectly clear what the facts have been all along the way and you realize then there never was any need to be confused and have to deal with what has either been forgiven you or if you choose what you still have to pay for since you cannot even then, though it sounds stupid, ever accept it in your spirit even with your new spiritual body which can experience anything even torment with sulfur burns and all forever and ever.

It’s a no-brainer. Accept it. What Jesus has done for you is not only true, it is real but you must believe it or pay the consequences. God has done all he can do and remain all that he is, in order to save you from those consequences with the rest being just believing. It is totally up to you.

Are you still confused. Don’t worry though that is to resist God. It may be because of the redundancy of that name you don’t know who I am talking about.

6/10/2016 From the king of Bemidji Afternoon

The kings wife must be dead. She was committed to no one and she was unfaithful from before the beginning of their relationship. She was a potato vine that grows perfect to the eye but she was all vine. There was not one potato in the ground beneath her. They never met as God had planned though they were both lonesome for each other. She was a whorish woman committed only to being not committed, like a cheap prostitute giving away samples to build up business.

She gave away all of her favors to man whores, drunks and drug addicts even as he did to whores, drunks and drug addicts when he was dead who were of the same mind and spirit she was and they did unspeakable sins together her and her bed partners; so many times and so many partners she lost count. She became bored with sex and is to this day.

If he saw her today he wouldn’t know her. If her nakedness was seen by him he would not be attracted. The day their homeland died in a war in a far away place that made no difference to anyone she died; her mind insane, her heart hardened by unbelief, and her days shortened by providence.

But he lives on, lonely and lonesome for the dead body of the one fit for him. He never married. He never had a child. He will walk into every room alone for the rest of his days in Earth like so many that found no one fit for them and cursed God that he gave them no mate, no soulmate that they might share their burdens.

But their culture never changed. It died in a protest. It overdosed on the Devil’s little pills or a sniff up the nose or shot in the arm. All their children were aborted before they could even come together and the illegitimate ones she might have bore were all murdered by what the Devil called birth control.

Who will speak of the king’s descendants? Who will bounce his little ones on his knee? Who will wipe away their tears and fix or replace their broken toys? Even God will not for they were not that he might live honestly even in his death and that she would die never even meeting him, her brain baked by drugs, her fertility less desirable than that born of the coupling of a man and a heifer.

Their homeland died in disobedience they called a sexual revolution and most of the earth joined it. Are they not all yet dead, LORD? It was your judgment. The penalty is the same it has always been. The soul that sins shall die. Let me scream loudly O LORD, loud enough to wake the dead therefore.

Who was the murderer? How did he cover his tracks at the scene? He laughs for he thinks he got by with it. Forgive me O LORD God I know not how to forgive him. I have a bitter hatred for him in my heart. May everything I do whether I resist you or gladly do it for you as you actually do it through me, be used against him. May every hateful prophecy my pen writes, every letter that appears on the screen of my laptop be true concerning his fate. He deserves so much worse. Almighty God help me accept that you were merciful to him, even as you were merciful to her, and gracious LORD even treat me with the greater portion of your mercies that I do not draw the short straw, that I am not next to be punished by you ever again. Keep me O God among the living forever and ever for even their babies are stillborn and are laid down in the dung of their murderer or burnt in the trash pile never knowing a place in the Earth.

They have no restraint. They are all completely dedicated to excess like I was before you changed the poor dead man into a rich king with no known property and renting from a landlord that might not ever have seen the apartment he lives in though his landlord claims to have been created all over again with his original spirit, selling liquor to the dead that they might numb their brains and enjoy their misery only to forget that is what they did by morning be utterly miserable and so come to the false conclusion they had forgotten it the night before, that all was well with them the night before as they bear their iniquities, their diseases, and rise and wipe their mouths after that meanness in dark places and say, “I have done no wrong.”

Oh, dear LORD, if only that were true, if only them were the words of the innocent, but they know better. If they were truly honest they would shake their fist at you while they spoke such words. Did they not deserve to die in the place where the feces, urine, the filthy rags of the women who bleed each month as they have since Eve, and the dead animals they found in their pantries, the cockroaches they found in their little ones mouths all lie in the gate where all the impurities of their humanness was placed to later be dumped miles away from the city in one huge dung heap outside the city.

O LORD the filthy animals their bodies have become. They must bathe them continuously. Their filth and the filth of others cling to them even when they are alone in their miseries they ignore as best they can until they are only miserable once again. Take the sight of them from my eyes. Please LORD take my spirit out of this dump they have created where even trash is a superior treasure and useless wrappers a pretty thing to hang on to. How shall I wait for the end of my days in this slum they have made of my homeland and of the Earth that was so perfect and so incredibly beautiful? Remember them no more.

But choose those who will yet respond to the Spirit’s call, to the Prophets’ warnings. They are in the dung up to their noses and spit out the offal but if only a hand or a foot is yet visible take it LORD and set them in the river of blood and wash the filth from their spirit and set them upon a rock on the riverbank to dry off in your mercy. My spirit would surely die if even the last one was left behind only to be beheaded.

Thank you gracious LORD for your mercy for not one you ever intended to save was lost in the end and I know it, look at the miseries you have brought me out of, miseries I would have died to get out of or killed someone to be better than I thought even you were.

Keep me from hell O LORD though I am deserving. Keep me from Torment though my incorruptible, perpetual, body deserves it for I was among the living though barely born. Jesus of Nazareth the sins you bore for me! How bittersweet to my heart for it in its immaturity still longs to be punished for the sins of the Earth even as was my God, my Savior, my holy Brother, my LORD, my King and the foremost of any Friend I may ever have though I live on without any end to it.

My God how I love you. Father-? Forgive me but I do so love them also. May someone of them read these words and put their hand up so that at least their fingers are above the dung heap and take their filthy hands and pull them out, O LORD I pray. One more LORD? Just one more, please loving Father! May it be one even in Bemidji my King, the king’s Lord. Amen.

Look Father! Look at what they put in the stead of their dead spirit’s misery. They sleep long hours and then after a short time sleep again even longer hours until at last their brain is so rested even it tells them their spirits are deceased, that there is no difference between them and a corpse.

But their sleep is not sleep but a nightmare they find better than being awake in the nightmare of their existence as they allow their dead spirit to wait for the death of their bodies that it might end knowing in their soul, that is just the beginning after they have become all they have ever been, complete at last but at last only that which brings them misery and more miseries without end until the final distraction wherein they are in real agony and it feels so good not to ever have to think about what they were, made new in everlasting agony where even the devils are relieved not to have to realize the consequences they deserve, consequences no human brain can comprehend or understand among the secrets in your minds in the truth that was before you created even them who cannot even begin to sense how you ever did it that were there to see it come about.

Where their bodies are awake and their minds see what they have created to be their environment they become ugly and mean, angry at themselves which they were to begin with but that anger is turned outward toward their caregivers, roommates, family or friends who care for their creature’s needs while they are sleeping, a nobler thing they feel in their hearts they should be grateful for. But they are not grateful for it but guilty their caregivers are less miserable than they are and they have once again added to the combined misery of both themselves and their caregivers locked in a larger room than they were in that is their environment with your light a naked light bulb shining at a height they cannot reach it once again as convicted they return to their creation to sleep again and again and then once again.

They finally turn to Satan and his scientists for help and they give them medication that allows them to sleep less and numbs the pain of their misery. They enjoy their jailer’s pity and do anything he says, say anything he wants, and believe any thing he wants them to believe in order to create a new environment they find more pleasing than your naked light shining on their dead soul and they curse you by believing the Devil’s lie that he is you and you are him as they pretend it is not so that all they had to do was accept your wonderful gift of the rebirth of their original spirit that they might start over again with the truth of that they were even in the womb before their mothers dumped them out into the world.

The truth is so harsh to the dead. They do not know what to do with it. They know that if they kill themselves it is the same in hell where they await in misery the final merciful end.

They can cut themselves to distract themselves from the pain in their spirit. They can even maim or mutilate themselves if cutting doesn’t last long enough to suit them.

They hate themselves for having never thought of an answer in their stupidity. They curse themselves and call themselves stupid and fat and ugly and worthless, anything that allows them to escape the truth they are evil and dead with no way out of the mess they have created of the precious potential you give everyone at birth and then some even at rebirth freely.

All they have to do here in Bemidji just like every place on earth is admit it is true and cry out to you to just let their spirit end to be no more as had they never been anything you might ever remember. It makes no sense to them because they are dead. But it is not an end but a beginning place, the truth they cannot help but know; they are dead and they will not be remembered should even their spirit die.

The LORD will help them though. He knows they have spoken truly and he is full of mercy and loves the truth above everything else but the reality he has created for them that they might live forever and ever in perfect love, his love which will be in them, with them and upon them as they love not only him, not only others but even themselves for they can see nothing in themselves but his Spirit, his Truth and his never ending Power.

Cutters, you understand torment is better than the perpetual misery caused by a guilty conscience for allowing yourselves to have taken up the ways of our common enemy and created a place in hell on earth for yourselves following the ways of what he does which has nothing to do with creation but is damnation, destruction and murder which requires some meaningful distraction from your all consuming misery.

The devilish scientists in this case psychologists feed them more of the devil’s lies, and little pills but the lies are the lies he tells even himself in order to escape his own misery, and they rebuild a house of cards with no truth for a foundation, no self-worth for walls and no love in the house when completed. Then look LORD what they have done! They are not even real. Just what they would love to be. All of them imagining they have actually done something besides imagine they are really that they are becoming, an image they would most love to be like some famous movie star from World War I among kids who have never heard of it or them.

They are happy until they remember the truth and their houses fall around them in a heap. And they have to rebuild on other lies knowing your truth has not changed and that the lies have not changed them and they see that naked light bulb in the high place of their truer creation again.

Satan will not save them. He will only help them distract themselves from the realness, the truthfulness of the consequences, the Spirit they refused surrounding them and unwilling to be unfaithful to them.

So the Devil inspires them to think they are an animal for animals are easier to destroy and kill. They begin rebelling against the truth of their death even their dead spirit knows of itself which is all they know. Their body will die and then comes the truth of their spirit waiting, waiting, always waiting for the mercy of torment to take away their guilt forever and ever even against their will if it must be that when they get there.

So they burst out. They are exciting and fun and the world loves them even as it does their god. They are free and king of the animals as the scientists say, anthropologists mostly who have been taken in by the Liar who have told so many and been believed by so many. They behave as children out of control. They do any rude and any coarse thing they want. They are in their minds an animal after all and it seems so true to them. And they cannot get enough of it.

It is so much fun and they pursue it at a fevered pace for their spirit knows it is a lie. They have seen, been shown, and had no choice but to know the truth of the real them. So they remember the naked light bulb again. So they cannot keep it up forever. They get in trouble with the law. God gives them a disease. The love they sense from those that loved them turns to laughter. They are laughing at them not with them and it wounds their spirit. And the misery returns. They pay the consequences of having added even more guilt to their creation.

The Devil shames them then and says things like, “Look what you’ve done!” Then he inspires them to think, ‘Why didn’t God stop you before you made such a fool of yourself and did these horrible things your conscience cannot handle? You can’t even believe you did it. It must have been God made you do it or he at least allowed you to do it. You are as bad as they say I am. But I’m not so bad. I’m on your side. I got you out of the dumps, didn’t I? What am I supposed to do I’m not God you know?” when actually God was the one that put a stop to it and only permitted it at all because you are free to do what you will up to a point you make it so bad that he knows that if the Devil continues you won’t reach your appointed time and God would have been a liar for God has said to all who died before that their days in Earth are numbered to remind them that no matter what they do it is not forever until it is over.

Then again you know you are dead, that the Devil has lied to you. You know that God hates what you are doing to others, to yourself, to the Devil, but that he is yet God. And he’s supposed to love you, damn it! Damn him! Damn everybody! And your anger returns and you know you alone must handle it or you will go back into the dumps all the way this time.

But the Devil tells you, “Don’t do that!” and you don’t, but he told you that only because he doesn’t want you knowing any truth whatsoever. He wants you to believe everything is relative or in other words not real. You know better for it makes no sense. You are real even if no one else is. Not everything is relative. There are things that are real. Everything else may be unreal or relative to that but it is not all merely relative. You know in your spirit even as the woman did that you’ve been had again by what you thought.

It is easy enough then to believe you have a thought disorder. So you start to straighten out your thinking. But you cannot reason it. It’s like you are bucking reality when you think. Your mind doesn’t want to find out what is real, because in your spirit you know the truth of the naked light bulb and your heart feels that conviction again. But you persist. But it becomes boring running up against the same resistance all the time.

So you begin to imagine. You begin to fantasize, think fanciful things and even wonder about the chimerical. There is so much fiction around even in nonfiction you know it is not all true. You are safe here. You begin to think, ‘What if…” and it soothes your soul. And you spend your days listening to music or reading books, TV or YouTube videos, the sexier the better. You spend your days in fiction and even your dreams sometimes accompany your fiction. You think you are becoming one of them, those you think are normal, but they are also dead which is not normal and you conceive of the idea that no one is normal and that it’s a crazy mixed up world.

But your memories of sleeping and waking and hurting and feeling guilty and being dead return all the way from God originally and it’s hard to even just entertain yourself because fiction doesn’t work either because it’s boring and you’ve vegged out all you can stand. You know you are not really connecting with anyone. If you marry you realize you never did really love your spouse. If you don’t you are even more acutely aware no one really loves you. And you are lonesome but you don’t know why. Who are you lonesome for? Somebody to love? Someone who loves you? But there is no love in the world, or if there is you have never seen anyone that does that for real or even dares to try though so many pretend to. Then you see couples together and they are in love or believe they are in love and your lonesomeness grows and it hurts deep in your soul. And you are lonely more and more now too.

But you hate to talk to people. You really hate talking or sharing about how lonely you are. But all the dead are lonely and lonesome for someone to love. But you realize you have never been loved. Your parents took care of your needs and did the best they could but it wasn’t really love, not like your spirit needs. Animals have that same love as human parents have for their young, some of them anyway. And you realize the difference between you and the animals and you realize that was what went wrong when you rebelled against controlling yourself. You are not an animal.

You are a dead soul. And it hurts so badly you can’t stand it. It is the worst misery you have ever come across. And if no one tells you about God or your king you will be that miserable the rest of your days in Earth and then in hell where you will wait for the ultimate release of torment.

Your king says to you now that God knows you are dead and that your soulmate is dead. The one fit for you is someone you never met that they might have loved you because your choices built a prison of misery for yourself like everyone you may have known in your entire time so far in Earth has done.

But God loves you. If you are reading what the king wrote today and find any of it true, and real and good for your soul even if it hurts, he has been reaching out to you through the king of Bemidji who wants his subjects to all be real, true and loving like God, like him, and the living brothers and sisters, fathers, mothers, grandparents and older relatives and the little ones he knows.

It breaks God’s heart to see you suffering so, just as it has broken your heart to realize it is true and real; just as it does mine. There are days I can barely stand knowing how many of you are out there and how many will never respond to the Spirit within me, to the one who testifies of everything real in perfect judgment and absolute truth, and the one who is really me in this horrible world that is left from all the incredible evil that goes on here, even in Bemidji but also in the entire planet nearly completely filled with dead spirits just like yours.

Tell him now or as soon as it seems right to you that you do not love him but that you accept his love. That you are willing to do anything he says to live and love again when and if you reach that point. Admit you are dead and you don’t want to be anything you have become any longer. Then ask him to give you back the old you, the one you were before you were ever miserable, or lonesome, or lonely or guilty.

You do realize that who you are now, right at that time, you will not be you any longer? You are dead. You have to realize that. And who you are has to cease to be if you are to live. You cannot take that miserable, lonesome, and lonely spirit to heaven. It wouldn’t be heaven and it would be so much more of misery, lonesomeness, and loneliness there that it would be hell and heaven and hell are two totally incompatible places in the spirit, in the truth and in the reality the truth testifies to. You won’t be there if you don’t accept his offer to leave the dead spirit you became behind where it no longer exists like all the lies didn’t really change anything that got you there. And accept that you are then alive from that moment on.

All those lies you believed have to go also. They would ruin heaven for you too. You are alive now no matter what you do, even if you mess up and one of the old lies you still believed cause you misery as God has decreed they will, every single one of them, or you do something new when tricked by the Devil and that causes you or anyone else misery even some dead spirit, remember this: Jesus Christ came here the same way you did except the Holy Spirit was with him from the moment he left heaven to come here, the moment his mother Mary conceived him by a miracle of the Holy Spirit. God can do anything, even that. He lived, he was killed for crimes he never committed because he is the only one ever born here that never did anything wrong ever and he took all of the wrongs everyone ever did in the entire length of time the earth will be here and was here just as it is now and he went to hell to await torment for it.

But less than 72 hours later he rose from the dead having become everything that ever made anyone even you lonely, lonesome or miserable or guilty upon himself and he did it for you too. And that is the most loving thing anyone; God, an angel or a human ever did for anyone. So no place in hell was found for him and he rose from the dead, even his body came back to life and he visited with his friends in Earth before he went back to heaven to his rightful place as God, sitting next to his Father, God on his throne, in the Holy Spirit, God; all three of them one God.

Now know you will be like him when you are completely freed of all those things you ever believed that conflict with what that reality is, what is true so that you can believe it and live without misery forever. But if you don’t finish before your body dies in Earth, that’s okay. You will be like him, a god too in the family of God when you see him face to face.

Everyone given back their original spirit are still who they originally were. They just have a battered body, a misused heart, and they do things they have to learn not to do ever again and there is always a last time they do it no matter how many times they do that or how often.

They can’t do it in heaven and you won’t even remember it there that you might do it again for you will know the Devil for who and what he is and he cannot trick you ever even one last time when at last you are made a god like God, with a renewed mind, a new incorruptible brain that won’t even think the things that were wrong like the old one did, a new heart that will never feel any impure or lusty thing again like the old one did, and you will of course love God, yourself and everybody there just like you loved the dead here after you were made new but unlike here they will all love you the same as you love them.

Now that is heaven and where you are bound when God finishes with you here for some of what you will yet do cannot be done there, and some of what you will think cannot be changed there even as it was with everyone that just went through what you went through. But when it is time you will no longer be a human animal which you never were anyway, and you will no longer be totally non-responsive to God or a dead spirit ever again and each moment whether awake or asleep you will be becoming more and more like God.

Even if you later think, ‘I made a mistake. I am going to go back to living like I did,’ you can but your original spirit, your soul however young you were when it was fit for heaven will go there anyway. So this is all voluntary. Nobody, especially God would force you to do anything you truly and really are against even if you once would have done it or already did it before your spirit died and now is nothing and ever to be nothing ever again Devil or not.

Of course you are free to turn that all down and continue to believe all those lies. No one is forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do, but it won’t get any better ever, only worse until at last it gets as bad as it gets with a merciful God who really is everything he is, like it or not. But I wouldn’t. So I didn’t.

May you all, everyone of you that read this be given back your original spirit, or appreciate it having been given back to you; the same one made by God for God the only good God there ever was, is that God that still is and will forever be; that God. Amen.

6/10/2016 From your king Bemidji AM

Satan has begun to raise up an army against you though they think their enemy is the children of God. You said you were a city on a hill and very well fortified. But they break through your defenses on every side. No one but God can stop them.

But you will not cry out to them. You are of an independent spirit you think when you have done a great evil and are like a newly lain egg in the hen house and the farmer desires your young. Do you imagine they will wait until you have hatched, or take it and feed it to their bed and breakfast guests?

It is just a foretaste that tickles your nose now and makes your eyes water now. Wait until God fills your extra large plastic cup with his wrath and forces you to drink every last drop. You have no walls. Your soldiers sleep on watch. The enemy slips by and strikes fear and outrage in you hearts. But Satan has been allowed to do what he is doing though he is conceited and thinks he does it on his own. Yet he is powerless should God desire to stop him.

Therefore this is that you should do: Lift up your voices and cry out to Jesus whom you have forgotten, to the Father you swear does not exist, or does not care to get involved in your troubles. You are right. Jesus has forgotten you. He has put distance between you and what they did to him on Calvary and comes with great anger. The Father does not exist for you. He has turned his eyes to something more important than a culture of corpses. To you it is as he never was, is not now, and never will be. You are right in that. For you there is no God. And the Spirit does not care about you any longer. He has turned himself to enlightening those few that will yet respond when he enlightens them. You are no concern of his. You are right for God exists but he doesn’t care what happens to you. He will soon no longer be listened to for it matters not to him what happens to the evil, wicked, unbelievers that will stay that way anymore than the price of a transistor radio in a supercomputer shop. He will leave the likes of you behind at let you wait at the counter while he waits on someone looking at the supercomputers.

But the enemy without, those from other planets have been involved since the beginning of the woman God made. They are huge and scary like reptilians, small in stature but skilled pilots that have lost only one ship. But they are only the beginning.

Where there is a corpse in the dessert the vultures will gather to steal even the tendons and chip away at the cartilage and peck at the marrow. Then the hyenas and wild dogs will come next to crush the bones to get at the marrow before the dung beetles even devour the dung, and the other bugs even carry away the blood that coagulated in the Savannah’s sands. Then will come the heat and the cold, the winter and summer, the dry season under the baking sun, and the rainy season will wash away what is left and dissolve away all the calcium, and in the end you will be as the dust God made Adam from, for you are but dust to him and like robots with computers that continually give only wrong answers and incorrect responses to the keypad. Oh, that you really had been but junk, some of it might have been recycled.

Do I prophesy?

I know God. Your ancestors once screamed praises when he was glorious when he had done something in the midst of them that only God could do. There is nothing you can do now but raise up your voices to the God you have forgotten, to the God who has turned away from you, and to the God who is no longer concerned whether you even exist. Perhaps one of them will remember you, or glance your way, or hear such a marvelous thing for it certainly would be unusual and a rarity.

Beg God to be gracious unto you for they give grace to the undeserving. You could, but you won’t. They have already seen that the Devil has begun to destroy your planet with you in it. He has taken God out the way of the vast majority as if he had been your god the entire way but he tricks you into believing it is God who is doing it and not him.

Jesus wept over Jerusalem. Can you imagine how he bawled over the end of the entire earth? Dear brothers and sisters, don’t just pray for them, weep for your time is coming soon but their time has come at last. Soon we won’t know whom to pray for. Their spirits are dead. They will become altogether wicked even as they are already and their restart buttons won’t work any longer. If they did they would merely wake up and give erroneous readouts and display unrecognizable random patterns again. They have changed.

Watch. For it looks to me like hell is coming to earth. Death and destruction are everywhere among us, and God is doing nothing about it, the Spirit is not wasting his time to enlighten them as to that they are doing. Jesus is their only hope, but will even you believe it is he when he rides into Jerusalem to take the reins of ruling the entire earth. Will even we think him to be the Devil even as the bastardized Jews did when he came here last time? Will there be any faithful left?

We will never live to see it for if we did we would never live through it. Pray the rapture is real, pray those who have prophesied it have their prophesies honored and were not false prophets. Yet pray not, “Our Father…” but “Be ready for the end is at hand!” and pray it doesn’t come in the winter.

Is there yet time? Or not…

The shadow of God’s hand is between us and his light, but the thunder in heaven has told me these things are on top of it. Lift up your hand. Shade your eyes from its brightness, the brightness of a solar eclipse, do not look at it or you will go blind. How long until you must look down and know that the light of God is on its way and no hand can shield the eyes of your spirit from it. Is it not already upon us? Haven’t we heard the thunder of the great far away star they say created the universe? They heard it. But they could not understand what it said, or what it meant. It was a voice from heaven prophesying this very end they think is a new and glorious beginning.

But those in the past followed your missionaries. These people Lord are led by the Devil who seeks only to kill them and destroy the earth with them in it. Take me home if I see it correctly. Let us watch it happen from above though there is no need. Not one of your prophets from Adam to John declared a single thing that did not come true in its end. It is not an analogy or parallel of what is in the end. You can see it is true by the Holy Spirit.

Glorious God prepare your Son in his coming, set up his kingdom beforehand that he may takeover immediately upon his arrival in all parts of the earth. Let us mourn for they are dead, not just a few Father, but all of them that were with Satan like those in the end at Armageddon. It is time in my heart already, my brain and therefore my mind believe it is soon upon us, and if in any way I can assist in its coming let it be, LORD; let it be. Amen.

Oh, my holy brothers and sisters pray for me, my heart is heavy my soul is next to death, for I have seen it: The beginning and the end, Jesus Christ’s face and the face of the LORD, and have felt the Holy Spirit as he surrounded me. Pray for the saints, that none of them perish. But pray for yourselves that you might endure, that the rapture is true, for judging from what I saw, not one of us can survive it, only the saints from the tribulation will be here to take over the fight and they will all be martyred to go to war behind our glorious Lamb in heaven to send the Devil to the very earth he is even now at this very moment destroying. Thank you. For I know that you will pray for me. Amen.