Call her Eve

What happened woman? You were closer than had you been cut out of his own body like your old man had said you were. Then that alien inspiration came by way of that snake. You really thought it would be something even more special- even more special than what you and your old man had together, living the life of ease without a care in the world-! But to be like God and know what he knew! That had to be something; really something…

Then when your old man joined you in what you did, it all changed all of a sudden and you knew what you did by what he did and he knew what you did by it too and you both realized at once that being naked all the time was something that ought not to be done too and it scared you so much you forgot about what you did to God by disobeying him even though that alien conned you to get you to do it. When he gave you clothes to wear and told you to get out, you knew you blew it too for a different reason maybe but you had done the very same thing also. Oh, how you kept wanting not to admit it. But there it was every time something triggered a memory of your old place which had been Paradise literally. As always you both were one in that too just like everything else. You had loved each other with such purity, such closeness, nobody could know the two of you like each one of you knew the other, and never anyone else for that matter either except maybe God.

You missed God right off, didn’t you?

The thought of having kids in this horrible place you were living in made you really down. But you got pregnant and gave birth to your firstborn and that childbirth-? It really hurt! You had known pain by then surely but that pain-! But when it was a boy you were so glad it was a boy for your old man’s sake you forgot all about the pain.

Yet when he beat his own little brother to death-! He had been your favorite in a way because he was more like you than your old man! Then both were gone; jealousy and all forever. You pictured him marrying his sisters and starting a family of violent angry people just like he was. There really was no joy in that. There was no joy in anything just like it had been before you got pregnant. What a horrible ordeal that had been! But it was nothing like the horror of your son being a murderer for killing his own brother and your secret favorite. You hated him, did you? You wanted to, but he was your own son. You were all mixed up inside about how you felt for him.

But then your third son was born and everything changed again when he had a son. You and your old man could live on through his kids! You were happy and your joy returned and you, your old man, your third son, the only one you had left you cared to even think about and his wife and baby; all of you started calling out to God in gratefulness.

You became a daughter of God, didn’t you! You had to. You even said when you found out your third son was a boy that God had given you a replacement for the son that was murdered. You came alive again and you almost looked forward to your body dying. You believed God had forgiven you and you were going back to Paradise with your old man when your body died and it was even better than it had been before.

We’ll see you and your old man there one day I’m sure.


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