Call him Adam

We were all like you man. Maybe nobody names every animal by a new name anymore but they did, the scientists did, just like you did, trying to be innocent like you were when you did that. But they were all dead by then. According to me anyway, they didn’t do it like you did really. They did it to classify them to serve a lie by a man that was turned over to Satan that his soul might be saved but his body die and his unbelieving spirit vanish when he saw God for the first time.

He either fell when he came up with that demon lie or he had already died and was just pretending to be alive like most everybody in his church on the other side of the pulpit he preached from every Sunday for years. Just like you man. He only had one true command; to obey God’s command by blind faith. To just accept he knew who God was and do what he said.

You saw God face to face man. You knew him. But you chose to disobey him just like that other guy that caused them to name all the animals with all those hard to pronounce and even harder to remember names that never really caught on in Earth anywhere but among the dead eggheads just like him.

You died man. Then what did you do? If you talked to God it wasn’t like it had been before. There was no closeness there. You had changed. You were in over your head now and never needed his help more but you didn’t even know him anymore. You were like an alien from some other planet that never heard of him and had no idea who he was. Did work distract you enough for you to forget about him while you were busy enough? Did you and your wife ease your loneliness by having sex as much as you could stand it until you were both bored to death with even that?

Then when your one son killed the other all your hope to live again through them died with him and your son took off being too cowardly to work it out with you guys, his own parents or even God, his maker. He might as well have been dead too to you though it was worse than that actually for he was cursed. Your own son, your firstborn turned out worse than the serpent or rather I should say the angel that inspired that snake to cause all your troubles, all your hard endless fighting weeds and brush while you almost vainly tried to grow enough food for you and your wife let alone the kids. Your entire line came to an abrupt end. That must have hurt like hell? You had nothing to live for but the occasional few minutes of sexual enjoyment with your wife. Otherwise it was eat, sleep what you could, work hard in the heat every day, and go to the bathroom. That pretty well summed it up and life just passed you by.

That’s what it’s like to be a dead man in Earth whose body hadn’t done him a favor and ceased all activity at last and just ended, an end you dreaded knowing was coming at first but it started to cheer you in the end when death finally did come, didn’t it man? It didn’t make sense but it did, didn’t it?

Then when your third son was born and everything changed and even your grandson was born you knew it wasn’t a dream. You had been touched by God’s grace. Your line would continue. And when they started calling on the name of God, did you join them? Not at first maybe but surely you did join in, didn’t you?

But did he forgive you and take you back after what you did? Did you call yourself or did any of them dare to call you a son of God like the rest of them? Did you live again man! You could have. You knew God once. You even knew you did once. You were even like him. You got to see him face to face and talk to him like one would a friend. You even prophesied back then. Remember, “The two shall be one flesh?”

Did you and the wife ever get that close again? Did you get to know that miracle before your body died at least? Did you ever get naked again and run around in the trees again? No, probably not. You had enough of that after you disobeyed God’s one lousy command; the only one he ever gave you besides get out of here or words to that effect.

You didn’t know right from wrong then. You were like a kid. But after you disobeyed God that all change and the change scared you bad. What God did to you; you never gave him any choice. Even if he’d have cried you would’ve just thought he was so mad it made him cry was all.

But your favorite son now was dead and your firstborn was a murderer and it didn’t matter to you he named his son Enoch and named the city he built after it was born the same name . You didn’t care anymore just like God didn’t in the end. You weren’t a violent man! What got into him to do such a thing just because he was jealous? He was a man by then just like you were. He did what he wanted for no reason though. It just was what he did, just like you except he was in a jealous rage.

Except for the grace of God you were just like him or was he just like you would have been had you been in his shoes? It didn’t matter anymore. You were too old to work all that hard anymore. The kids did it for you I bet. And even if you didn’t become a son of God you would’ve been glad to get it over with in order to just go somewhere else and be in an entirely new situation. It had been a long, hard, life, much harder than any of us who ever heard of you can imagine. Real hard…


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