In the beginning God created the heaven, the perfect Utopian place where we are what were intended to be; spirits that are loving, right every time, good, kind, helpful, generous, true to ourselves, true to others, and true to God reciprocating from all of that and much more forever and ever; and God also created the earth which we all know; everything in other words the scientists may discover for they create nothing but a way to figure out what it is next they will find when had they worked with God can you imagine what he might have created through them by now.

But now God has shared with you and with me that he is a scientific fact, they can find him using scientific procedures common to some sciences like psychology and even reaction mapping and identification both reputable sciences among them.

They were not completely neglected from being touched by a loving God. They now know he exists even in their thoughts and in their minds. All who read Chapter 1 thought about God who can save them from themselves and all ugliness in Earth, and their memory of that should be retrievable even by hypnosis if in no other way. Everyone in creation has thought about God whether they realized it or not. Everyone that does not admit it has not been forgiven and is guilty before God or in other words need not be remorseful forever but ask God to forgive them and restore their justification before him and everyone else. One cannot claim ignorance any longer. It is proven by those words in the miracle he shared with us in that chapter.

Before we go any further however, I think it pertinent to define some terms at this point.

The first of course was heresy and I’ve already defined that in the first chapter as the belief that one of these three tenets is possibly true; that it’s true that there is no God or that something other than God is God, or that God is something other than God always was, is and forever will be, having the power to create the ideal society, the unwavering ability do the right thing whatever it might be and whatever it might require each and every time, for our good since he is already good and each one of those tenets constitute a heresy the way I mean it herein since you must have been affected by the thought of God to arrive at any one of those positions and there can be no others except the one option that is not heretical, believing God to be whom and what he is.

The second is God in that his existence is a scientifically provable fact as the one that created every one and every thing that was created and that he will create anew or preserve forever and ever.

The third is what it means to create. It is to bring something that has never before existed into existence, or to restate that; it is to make something that has never been before.

Invention is to appear to create something or by intention make something of other things that does not actually altar any part of what was created enough to say that it has become a new thing that never had been before like the body of man whose spirit was created and whose body was miraculously invented from elements already present in earth but so radically it became a new thing or in man’s case a new creature never before existent anywhere before. It is the same as a loving act toward someone God has spent months or even years preparing to meet in the only real context there actually is and draw out of them that part of God that is in them or even persuade them to become made anew by way of the Holy Spirit which is a creative act each and every time it happens.

Alien does not necessarily mean someone from another planet but anyone who has become something God never intended there be whether under the influence of aliens from another planet or someone who has become an alien thinker as the result of demonic activity such as possession or oppression by the evil spirit or some human which is also an alien or devil or even such a temporary entity itself.

Devil to me means the angel that inspired the serpent in the garden of Eden to trick Woman into disobeying God which is the same angel that is bound and thrown into torment as the result of his activities in Earth at Armageddon and repeatedly mentioned by various names throughout Scripture as well as any of the third of all angels that he cajoled into joining him in his effort to overcome God and gain his influence in Earth and in heaven.

Demons exist only in the psychology of those that believe they really exist. When God shares the truth about them, they vanish, meaning they are proven not to exist, never to have existed and it is proven they cannot exist and are no longer a threat to anyone he has revealed the truth about them to that believed him and not the demon or devil that invented such a lie in the psychological context. They are most often inventions of devils to do works for them they really have no power or ability to do or any control over. Take it up with Jesus he is very good at straightening out what we deem psychological problems. When all devils are cast into torment with Satan demons all cease to exist even as evil does, and like their devils or devilish inventors they will not be remembered in the New Earth at all for there will be no need to do that and it would not serve anyone there or their purposes to do so forever and ever.

Believers in God are those who have been created anew by the Holy Spirit whether they get through this Earth with just their soul surviving as they go astray herein or instead follow Jesus impeccably all the way to heaven. They will all have opportunity I am sure before forever and ever even seem to draw near to have met them all and loved them all and to be loved by all and love God and be loved by God.

Children of God, children of Christ; all Christians by any name are examples of believers.

I use the term in Earth because we are not really on the planet but in the planet being under its sky and under heaven.

I use the term heaven to mean that place that will be made new when the angels of the martyrs beheaded in the tribulation under the leadership of Jesus Christ, there a conquering prince, defeat Satan and his followers leaving no place to be found for them in heaven any longer as it was then and not as it will be when the New Earth, the Holy City, New Jerusalem, and the New Heaven are created with no chance of evil ever again affecting us forever and ever after earth is destroyed and the judgment is finished rendering them completely ineffective and evil no longer evil but merely the unimaginable mirage of the fruits of the fallacy evil actually always had been then.

Angels are messengers sent from God to assist us or impart some message, miracle or truth from God he wants us to accept without question.

It is important however to realize that Satan and the other devils once were angels and they still are in heaven in real time in the part of time being played out in Earth right now, but they are only allowed to test us, try us or sift us is the best I can describe it. They would destroy us and kill us if they were allowed. That is just another reason to never give anyone especially any unseen spirit the impression you no longer or never did love God, the Father, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit. When and if you do something evil like that which is enough for God to allow them to come against you one should ask Jesus to be with you and he will go along with you through any kind of tribulation even one given you as a punishment.

They do destroy and kill aliens all the time but many of those aliens do not have any idea why the things that are happening to them are happening until too late. But the devils can only act by God’s allowing it to happen to them the same as it is with us whom they are not allowed to kill and if they do God will simply resurrect us again. Do not fear death. It has been dealt with. It all depends on God and our relationship with him.

Sin is now Jesus Christ. When we sin we do it in his name and to him. We are forgiven because he paid the penalty for that we did, are doing and will do but we still need to confess it to Christ, and accept his forgiveness for us to receive what is actually already ours. He forgives us because he loves us but also because the more we sin the greater his victory was and his glory is magnified when actually he paid for it all already.

Change your mind is a phrase I use instead of repent which has such negative connotations it has come to mean something other than its original meaning in English.

God’s image is that you were when you were born and that you are again when you are made anew by the Holy Spirit. After you fell you were dead and though you were made his image your are that no longer. Never think of an unbeliever as a living soul.

But remember as pathetic as it is, this is the best some of them will ever experience from God particularly those that go to hell and then later torment. So save them or not; do your best as God does to make their existence as pleasing as possible if they cannot be saved and leave it to God to know what evil he is to allow to be brought upon them to get them to turn to him rather than be tricked they are being independent or trusting in some other evil invention.

It hurts to love the dead, but it is the most important work we do in all cases for they are like terminally ill patients in a mental hospital, for barring a miracle from God they will die and then the judgment, then great punishment in hell only to finally reach the ultimate punishment in the end after the judgment in torment when all they had to do all along was change their minds about receiving help and then change primarily their thinking before it was too late for them to able to do that. But actually those incapable of making their own decisions even of the mentally disturbed are not terminal but saved in the same manner a baby is that dies is saved in their ignorance and consequential innocence for where there is no guilt there is no sin either.

God loves the dead to the last moment. So should we. But be careful and don’t let them suck you into their horrible lifestyles and cause you to fall and go through the “hell on earth” as some of them call it when actually it is very merciful compared to what they deserve and God’s last ditch effort to get them to change their minds. If you don’t save them, love them anyway until it hurts so much you cry. Christ will not leave you and there is no shame in doing what you are expected to do as a child of God. Trust him. He will heal you if you don’t turn away from him and fall too with them which is always a temptation and he will heal you even then should you change your mind for it will be much worse for you than it was for them because you already know and once loved God.

Good work. And if you don’t know what or how to pray for them, just care for them. That is all God expects of you. Therein is your reward in heaven and the case wherein you are most Christlike for he came here to save such souls. That is the most germane thing we should realize about Christ concerning us at all time. The rest of it is designed to serve that purpose and not just to pamper us while we are here but to be a blessing. Be careful you don’t turn it too into a curse.

Soul means to me essence of your entire meaning in that place in your life in you where you are what you are and nothing else with no pretense, no lies, fantasies, fancies, role playing or believing you are something you are not and absolutely denying none of that as you might have desired was the truth about you right at the moment and forever did not permit God to change it as will be finally revealed by what you believe, feel, say, and do; you full identity as it really is whether understood viewed in error of purposely denied.

God can’t change your soul and wouldn’t if he could without your permission for it is the holy part of you, the real part of you, and everything you think, say, do and feel reveals what you really are in the soul. That is the only way your soul may be known. Make it as much like Jesus as it will be when you see him face to face which for most of us comes the moment our bodies die and we go home to be with God at last a daughter or son of God forever and ever.


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