Are you dead and think you are thumbing your nose at God by not going or staying in hell yet? Like the aliens you were. Like the aliens from other planets are. They are here with you. They were dead when they came here. This is worse punishment for you whether in Earth or some other planet not even known here. Only the dead here want anything to do with you too. They are hurting just like you are hurting now and felt all that pain down there. You may think you have bested the system God set up for you but you are wrong again, just like all the dead ever were and always will be until they get to torment. Why are you putting yourself through this in Earth? It’s a constant reminder of a reality you can’t deny anymore. You are not even physically alive. You are a ghost. You can’t help us. You can’t resurrect the dead here either. They believe the devils’ lies here too. They think you can go to the light. But you know better. It’s a lie just like the thought you were alive when your body was dying here in Earth. If you really could go to the light- oh what agony! If only you could go to the light but just by being here you are proving you can’t obey God. Heaven would be worse than hell for you. God is always merciful. Why don’t you believe that even yet? Go on now. Go where you belong away from this spiritual agony. Go on down now and wait like the others. Endure the punishment for what you did in Earth. Why add to it by forcing yourself to stare at us, to fear us, to hide in fear even of the homeless spirits here like you? Every moment you stay here, every ounce of energy you lose being here only makes you that much more vulnerable down there in the hands of all the dead that were ever condemned to hell.

Were you one of those in the sea that died? Have you been here since God destroyed the land with a flood and made the entire surface of Earth a sea with only Noah his wife and family and a few animals alive in a boat on its surface? Haven’t you ever read Scripture? Don’t you know it by heart by now? Haven’t you frantically searched every word of it hoping against hope that you would find a loophole with no one to help for no one else has found a loophole either? It’s over man. It is over woman. You are only rendering yourself more and more defenseless among the worst hell has to offer. Why are you doing this to yourself? You won’t have enough energy to stay here forever without stealing what little bit you can from the dead up here that lasts so short a time. Hell isn’t a physical place. It’s a spiritual place. You haven’t left hell. You take it with you wherever you go, wherever you have refused to go, and God permitted you to go. God knows where you are. We have seen you and heard you and felt your presences. How dare you think God who knows everything does not know precisely where and who you are. He can tell us who you are and what you want here. You can’t make any difference to anyone now, even yourself. The dead ones you left behind that you think you loved, you didn’t love them, you never really loved anyone after you died, none of you ever did, does, or ever will. You’re just in denial of that. It’s destroying you before your time. Go to hell. It’s only right. God wouldn’t send you somewhere that wasn’t best for you or them you even imagine you now love in your delusions caused by your denial that it’s over. You’ll only make it worse for them. You’ll only make it worse for yourself even if that’s what you want; to make it worse for them. They’ll be coming soon enough and you will go eventually weak and almost void of energy even though you didn’t have to be. They’ll know who made it worse for them. You know what they’ll do to you when they get there and you are just making it easier for them to get the job done. There is no glory in what you are doing. It’ll all work against you just like everything in Earth worked against you. You can’t win. You can’t win at anything you do. You couldn’t then, you can’t here in Earth in real time, and you never will until the judgment and you know what you deserve to get then. And then- and then the lake of fire and sulfur forever crying out at the top of your lungs trying to call on God for help but never being able to even finish his name as you scream forever and ever, finally doing something for God with your own will, nothing without end and completely unable to stop just like Satan, just like Judas, just like you used to dream it would be maybe. Go down now. Save your energy. You’ve made it bad enough for yourself. God was merciful to you but you wouldn’t have it. You wanted it even worse than the God you’ve always hated and hate right now. But in torment you won’t hate anyone not even yourself. All you will be able to think about is them never ending sulfur burns burning continually so they never heal forever and ever. I loved you. God loved you. Why did you break everybody’s heart thinking only of yourself all the time, working to get something out of most anything major or minor for yourself and yourself alone? They loved you back then but you wouldn’t turn. They were the best of your times lousy as they were because God hadn’t given up on you and some child of God was praying for you and caring for you though they didn’t even know your name. Now that’s all behind you. Why come here and remind your spirit of it constantly moment by moment, day by day, year in year out. Go to hell where you belong. Make it easier on yourself. Distract yourself or be distracted. Go on now and wait. It won’t be long now. It won’t be long now wherever you are before God will come for you when they call your name. You can’t hide from God. None of you are doing anything new. You never did from the moment you died to the moment your body died to this moment and the moment you started to scream forever. Leave the dead alone and we still might save a few more, someone just like you were maybe. Stop thinking of yourself just for a moment. Think of the long haul. You are accomplishing nothing here but waiting for the ultimate punishment. It’s too late to change now. You never did even at the moment judgment was pronounced on you and you thought it went against you one last time. You won’t then either. To hell with you now. I beg it of you for your own sake. I have to leave off telling you the truth. It never was good to you anyway. Do what you do. Just like you always have. God doesn’t love you any longer and he never will. He will just forget like we all will. Be gone with you now.


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