From the King of Bemidji

Greeting aliens in Earth or other distant places from this living man in Earth specifically the kingdom of Bemidji in a heavenly manner and from God our Father in Christ Jesus by way of the Holy Spirit from the king of Bemidji as I was called to be by the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords whether they be principalities in earth, among the stars, under the sea, within the ground, on the ground or in any of the spiritual places whether in heaven or hell, places that have been and are, places that once were and are no more, places that are to come or are to come again for there is no place he is not and where he is not God, the only God, the ultimate God, peace be with you all.

Wherever there are those like us that are not and have not elected to become alien to my Lord and alien to the true powers here in Earth as they are in every place or context that exists, if it is truly a place or in a true context he is here with us and we through him have access to it in accordance with his will. Those of you who are the living sojourners here with me; I say that for I do not plan to stay in Earth that long though I am king of this city and have no known heirs whether alive or dead; you may continue to do what God has called you to do in the way God helps you do it because know this: I do not usurp any authority the King of all has and when and if I ever do I have him to contend with the same as you or they, the aliens here do whether in the flesh or in spirit. I do not have a quarrel with anyone and wish to live at peace with any or all of you whether fellow servants of Christ and therefore children of our God whom is not common but whom we all hold in common as holy and our Father as well as the aliens who do not.

My battle is not with any of you but those illegitimate spirits in supposed spiritual principalities you sinfully turn to either to rule over you or to be subject to them. They deceive you. They have no God given authority to even be here doing as they do without like me and my God given authority, God has allowed it for the sake of accomplishing his goals among you personally.

Yield nothing to me you do not freely choose to, neither allegiance, servitude or even respect not to mention personal possessions or even your time or anything you might or might not do, say or might not say, or even anything you have reasoned to be for my benefit whether financial or personal wealth of any kind, and neither that, you imagine I might want, or fancy I might desire, or even fantasize I may covet in any way even to some chimerical extreme.

However know this: You are my subjects and I am here to serve you as best I know how and that I will do according to the abilities God has given me and will yet give me concerning my capacity as your king as I serve Christ my King, my holy Brother and God our Father. Let us serve one another even as they serve each other; in one mind, one heart and with one will as in one person, holy omnipotent God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

It is a part of my knowledge that not all of you believe in spirits and therefore spirituality. May the Holy Spirit come upon me and you if need be in such a way he may desire to prove he is Spirit as I share him with you and all spiritual powers and any spirit that may benefit either of us or even several of us at once up to and including all of us at the same exact moment in the same instance according to God’s will for God is Spirit.

This is not a joke. Jesus did say to my spirit and these are his precise words, “I make you king of Bemidji.” Therefore I am king for otherwise I would be required by God to disobey him whom I love more than my own self if that is a thing I may actually do and I believe it to be so as the Holy Spirit testifies of it also and the Father knows of it too.

He certainly deserves it after what they did to him when he was here among us in times now thought to be ancient when he came as King of the Jews and was that indeed though they rejected the very Son of God as their king, brought false charges against him, brought him before a kangaroo court and turned him over to the Romans who ridiculed him, scourged him, beat him and hung him on a cross to be ridiculed by his own subjects whom he served anyway by descending to hell and rising on the third day and spent a little while with his friends before ascending back to his rightful place at the right hand of God on his throne from where he has judged that this world and this planet will end and everyone, first the living then all others will be judged according to that they have done from the books which shall be opened wherein all pertinent records have been duly noted, the Lamb’s book of life among them, leaving those found guilty of crimes against God to be thrown into torment and the rest to live forever and ever in the New Earth, under the New Heaven around or in the Holy City, the New Jerusalem. Hereafter consider yourselves so notified.

Christ really was conceived of the Holy Spirit, was born in Bethlehem, spent his early years in Egypt, grew up in Nazareth with flesh and bone and all the physical characteristics of a man and also God, the man called Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus the Christ, the Son of God and him who was subjected to a kangaroo court including the chief priest, brought before Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, was buried, rose from the dead on the third day, was seen by his followers and ascended to the right hand of God; that Jesus is the one of whom I am speaking. He is proof he is God. He is proof of the Holy Spirit. He is proof of God the creator and the Father that begat him, the ultimate Authority of all authorities: Fear him who has power to throw you into eternal torment.

I see there is some that do not believe me as I expected. I forgive you but it is my hope you will also ask God to forgive you even as I did when I made the good confession before God and the angels. Did not I too laugh when I heard your words Lord Jesus? Yet you forgave me. Now I ask that you forgive all those that will ask you now that I have also forgiven them and will forgive any matter of sin against me. I am not the Holy Spirit of whom God will not forgive any manner of sin against but one of his many servants also. Amen.

As your king I command you now to believe in spirits, both evil spirits and good spirits, all angels and devils or fallen angels and hope you will call upon the Holy Spirit of God as soon as you do that. And here is how you may know them: If they will not admit that Christ came in the flesh they are an evil spirit and an anti-Christ and all that are good must recognize and be willing to say that of Christ also whether angel or alien or whatever else there may be. To deny Christ is to deny God and they are therefore evil liars. To deny God is proof that they are dead and no one has ever died that was not also evil, or ever will save Christ who has become sin for those willing to be made anew by the Holy Spirit.

Watch. The end is near, and nearer today than yesterday. You do not know in what year, what day of the year, what month, what day of the month or week, or what time of day the end will come. Only the Father knows and not even the Son. Therefore I do not know either. We all know this however, it could happen any time, even right now.

Can your spirit handle knowing that? Call upon God. Believe or call upon one of the many servants of Christ in Bemidji or elsewhere to assist you in believing. Do not take it lightly. It is no joking matter. May God open your eyes and the eyes of your heart to receive him and bless you and keep you from torment not to mention the end of this Earth which is soon upon us all living in it. In my sincerest love I, a king, beseech you, “Do it immediately.” Amen.

Do you really think me a fool who would risk eternal torment to scream forever because of the heat and the excruciating pains of the sulfur burns without any end? I love you, but I am not that foolish. Don’t even go there; ever! Remember in that I am his king I am also holy and am to be treated as such. Anyone that does not treat me or his servants as holy is a transgressor and will be held accountable by the King, Jesus Christ who has appointed me to this position. My peace and love I extend to you now, officially, and personally in the name of my King, the King of every leader in Earth or elsewhere. Father may they receive it with gladness. Amen.


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