From King of Bemidji 6/2/2016 Evening

This is what’s on the king’s mind this evening:

We were all tame once. The man God made and took to the garden of Eden was tame. He was obedient to God. But he was about to be lonely when God made a woman out of his rib, the marrow of which doubtlessly contained his DNA without a doubt. Then a rogue angel inspired a dangerous animal, a huge snake to trick her into disobeying God. But the man chose to obey God for they had been told they would die if they disobeyed him. And they died spiritually and were no longer able to obey God. In other words they became wild.

In the end of it, it got so bad that Noah was the only one that would obey God and everyone else in the entire planet were evil and vicious, or violent; wild. God destroyed every animal on land both bug and elephant but he saved Noah and his family and a large sample of the land animals. My oldest known ancestor was Noah, then Japeth and possibly Javan or one of his sons and the rest were Gentiles and wild by the time of Abraham, God’s last hope of taming those of the generations after Noah that ended with everyone in the entire planet wild by the time Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

God gave us over to gods of our own invention and gods that were not gods but devils and the demons they could dream up for us to believe as if there ever really were such things except in the wicket hearts of wild men and women all over the planet. These devils, whether aliens from other planets behaving as devils or not were allowed by God to tame us to the extent they did but of course they set out to overrule God even Gitchi Manitou.

He was supposed to tame us too in order to render us reachable by God though we were wild and never obeyed the Holy Spirit at all. And like all the devil gods and the demons they dreamed up Gitchi Manitou was just one of them and he is still there in real time to call upon should you choose to be wild and disobedient dogs when God had set out to make tame, civilized, men and women of a completely different nature; God’s own nature.

If you believe the devils whether those that urged the Jews to reject the Son of God, Allah, Buddha, Gitchi Manitou or any other devil allowed to do what they did to disobedient dogs that went wild throughout the history of humanity. You are still wild, forgotten by God except that the Son of God died to give you back the spirit you were born with rather than the corrupted spirits the devils taught your ancestors who then taught you to obey them rather than God.

There is an invitation to every soul ever born in the entire planet. God will give you back the tame spirit you were born with and transform your life no matter what the devils and the demons they dreamed up say, do, or have caused you to think you know about them. They were all liars even as the devils we thought were gods. In England and France and Germany where most of my ancestors came from were devils and liars that deceived us even as Gitchi Manitou deceived you to rule over you.

They are all still active today operating under a devil called Satan, the one that caused a dumb animal to speak to the woman God made in Eden but they all act in his spirit, a filthy, vicious, mean, deceitful, arrogant, conceited spirit that wants even today in real time to force God to do anything he wants and has no plans to be anything other than the rogue angel gone wild he is in the hopes of making the earth a hellish place under his rule. Were he a human we would call him a psychopath willing to do any heinous thing to any one in order to accomplish his stated goal to be like God.

His problem is that in the end he himself proves he was wild and dangerous even to God when he at last blatantly attacked God and was thrown into torment with no need for a trial just as you will be if you choose to remain wild until there is no chance of taming your spirit and your trial at the time of the judgment will be just a formality like mine and every child of God would have known before God had grace on us and gave us back our original spirits and started taming us.

Even should we live the rest of life wild, our soul that God gave us will still go to the new planet God will make for us after Satan destroys this one for God. You are guaranteed being civilized, loving and the rest of what God is like should you choose to accept what Jesus Christ did for you and never be able to go wild ever again or even to be wild or mimic being tame like the children of God which might fool you and them, but it does not fool God who knows everything and cannot be fooled or deceived.

We are all brothers in Japeth that are not the children of the others’ one whom was in the ancestral line of Jesus of Nazareth whose father was God and whose mother was just another wild human. He was not half God and half human. He is both in the same instance, a completely tamed human and God as he was before he came here and was born and literally was a man like any other man but with the power and spirit of God which he was because he was completely tame.

I call his incorruptible human body Jesus of Nazareth and his spirit Jesus Christ, God. It will happen that only the tamed by being created all over in spirit to become like God will finally get to the new planet. If you will not be tamed even by God’s creative miracle how then may you be tamed?

Who wants a wild ferocious animal living in their community? No one. If you choose that you give God no choice but to eradicate you. Even humans are beginning to learn that all animals can be tamed, but humans are different they must choose to be tamed and even God cannot tame us without we will have a relationship with him. It is our choice really and out of his hands but he treats us with mercy even then and does not completely destroy us but renders us no threat to the community there in the new planet.

Beware you do not choose to be wild or seem to be tamed by mimicking the children of God to the point no man or woman could tell the difference. God knows that one day you or your offspring will go wild again. We may believe the act. But God who cannot be fooled knows it is only an act and cannot be real unless he makes it real. How much more proof do you need? Look at the wild, mean, vicious, hateful, filthy people in the world, even those of us who were very good at pretending to be children of God let alone almost exactly like them once. Believe me with what happened to me I now know the difference and when you are changed should you accept God’s offer you will also.

There is no other way to prove it to you. We will be like God, men and women precisely like Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ. It is perfect like everything else God ever did, is doing and never will stop doing for all who will not ask God to create them new with their original spirit and obey God forever and ever cannot be God or even like him even after their beast within dies to go beyond the grave into forever.

None of us in the new planet will have a beast within. Not a single one of us. The rest of you will be put in a place where you and your beast within who are really one, you, will be tormented forever. It’s a no-brainer but we get our hearts and emotions involved and complicate the entire thing in our own being. Satan, the Druids, Buddha, Allah, Gitchi Manitou will all meet the same fate we do since they have long since sealed their destiny the same as some of you have.

Ask Jesus to save you from that and to ask the Father to make you like him forever and ever that you need not be forgotten like Lobo who is still in the glass case at the tourist store dubbed the monster wolf of the Northland barely recognizable already and how soon he will be forgotten to be put in some liar’s book very soon, not many years after this and why? Because he was wild and no one could tame him or deal with his monster within.

Surely you cannot be from Bemidji or have ever visited Bemidji and seen Lobo the wolf and not understand we are like him, too wild to be tolerated in or near any community on earth. Lobo stands for us. Bemidji stands for the new planet. And the deer that survived Lobo’s killing rampage the living in Bemidji. Who cannot understand that?

How you can be from Bemidji and not be created again with your original spirit or even visit Bemidji and see Lobo and read his plaque and not cry out to God that you are so sorry for being what you have become and beg him to make you other than your monster within? It is a mystery to me, but my Lord knows that most of you will never do that and choose to be destroyed instead. And if you worship Paul and Babe or even the spirit that was in Chief Bemidji are you not also just as wild as those that believe any man made lie even the ever changing so called “facts” of science?

It is either that or you are dangerously insane. Either one, take your choice, is totally unacceptable with what God intended to make in the first place with the man he created and the women he added. He never intended any one man, woman, elderly, young, or even a child know any of the misery brought about by what we think not to mention the rest of what we are, our monsters within and all. It is real, guys. Very real…

Interesting isn’t it that even such a monster is proof of God. The fact is that Satan himself is proof of God. Why do you think he works so hard to get people to believe he does not exist, that there is no hell and that torment is not merciful when he gave God no choice but to completely destroy him or let him destroy every one and every thing left that was good here. It was not only the good thing God could do, it was the only merciful thing he could do even to Satan.

The monster dies in the end, but it’s okay he wasn’t lovable by any sane man or woman’s stretch of the imagination anyway. Look at all those he forced God to allow to have the same destiny he has now for they made the same choice Satan did and did nothing good after the first time they ever realized they did anything wrong ever.

Every road starts somewhere and every road ends somewhere. Don’t go there. Ask God to take you back to the beginning so you can go his way and not your monster within’s way and leave your monster within that caused you to start out that way in the ditch where it belongs forgotten forever and ever. That is my prayer for you. Amen.

Do not say I insulted your God. If the truth God has revealed to my mind is in error, I challenge you to take it up with the Father who appointed me and has not even rebuked me and the Holy Spirit that inspired me. It is not me you have a beef with. It is God all three of him. Take it up with him. He will be glad to set you straight about me, his king of Bemidji.

But if it be the truth that is an insult to your god why would you worship such a being or mere character made up by some devil to deceive you that it has any power whatsoever. I wash my hands of the matter. I have nothing personally to do with it but I have acted as a man sharing a message from my God, the only real God.

And don’t say instead they are all one God and that God by any other name is still God. “You dog!” I say, but did I insult you? Yes, I did. The names of your gods are the names of devils and names they have made up for scary characters your brain accepts as real. How can they be the same God when even the name of your god insults God? You are not ignorant. Why do you offend my God, the only real God there ever was, is or ever will be? Do you really believe he has no power? Are you willing to wait until the spirit your god acts in, Satan, is thrown into torment with you next in line? It is real. Very real…

I have shame for even mentioning the name of your god for it reminds God of unpleasantries and I love him and do not in any way wish him to be anything but in perfect joy forever and ever. See what you do to me, your king? See what you do to the Lord of lords and King of kings, and to God himself all three of him? Are you not fit for torment. Your monster within is showing. But are you angry at me? Angry at my Father? Angry at Jesus who can still save you? Angry at yourself? But you are angry I have no doubt about it. The truth does that to people some times.


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