From the King of Bemidji 6/2/2016

This is on the king’s heart this morning:

There are lonely people in Bemidji. Subjects, this should not be. Whatever you believe most of you have experienced loneliness or have been lonesome for some one at the very least. Visit the lonely. It is not good that a man, woman, elderly or otherwise, or even a child is lonely in my kingdom. Seek them out, knock on their doors, be friendly with them because just a few minutes a day will ease their loneliness to the extent that it does that. There are thousands and thousands of people in Bemidji and not nearly that many that are lonesome for someone or lonely.

When you visit bring me or one of the saints with you in spirit at the very least so that Jesus Christ may be among you.

A solitary live soul or a dead visitor is better than no visitor at all to the lonely but as concerning the lonesome always remember that if you do not know the lonesome then you are not whom they are lonesome for, whether someone that has passed or someone that has moved away, a parent, grandparent, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, or some other relative or a good friend in their imagination if not more than that or even an old enemy they now miss arguing with.

I am not saying that those who have passed and are in hell or have refused to go where they belong and are ghosts among us should visit the lonesome unless they have entreated our Father and he has given his permission in order to ease the loneliness or lonesomeness and torment of another to the extent that it may. They may have disobeyed my decree and do not believe in spirits and so may think they are not in touch with reality and you may make their horrible circumstances even more unbearable by breaching their safety zone. God has them in Earth yet for a reason. Let us find that reason if possible but in most cases let us bring our physical bodies with us that they not be alarmed when we visit and so assume their physical bodies have perished and that they are not among what they deem to be the living, those with animated physical bodies whether dead or not, or that they have gone insane.

When you visit then, you that are dead, simply converse with them but do them no more harm than is the minimum you may do to any other. I know as you will soon realize that the dead cannot do any good that is lasting. But it will ease your torment and your lonesomeness also for God to grant such a thing. Be as polite as you know how and always remember their living space is or should be their safe place which lonesomeness and loneliness is already a threat to leaving them to fear for their safety. If they do not want you to come in or into their space should you see them out and about, do not come in. If they invite you in, using any mannerism then go in. If and when they want you to, leave and do so gladly. For some who are lonely or lonesome it is more difficult to deal with a visitor, strangers in particular, than you might imagine and they may have already rejected you and others they think are like you as viable company. Do not take it personally. The lonely in particular are vulnerable and you have both the lonely and the lonesome at a disadvantage for you are not as vulnerable as they are and it is known to their spirit and now should be to yours also.

When the dead visit they should not bring any access to bad judgment with them; no cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, pornography, doctrines taught by demons or so called science or the like that may cause them to exercise poor judgment. They are in danger of their bodies perishing from lack of contact with others by actions that they can or cannot help that increase the likelihood of that happening anyway.

They may even have chosen to be solitary souls in their error by remarkable effort, or they may have no choice given the state of their bodies, some physical limitation or some mental incapacity because of the workings of their brains that give them no choice. And if it is a spiritual limitation that, even the more animated dead can help with by being pleasant because even a greeting may assist them in facing another day alone until such time as they either make a friend or are tamed to the point they can reach out to others or at least tolerate the presence of others even us, the living.

Too much contact at one time or repeated contact that is not desired or unhealthy in any way may make their spiritual condition or conditions even worse. If you resemble the living in anyway please assist the living in reaching or taming the unreachable by us that they may extend their sojourn in this dying planet for we hope to reach them with the good news they may yet live before the planet is no more unless they are really dead and actually in a spiritual hell in Earth they have created for themselves merely waiting for their bodies to die in order that their spirits may go where they actually belong, even as you who are dead spirits are either waiting to go there yourselves or waiting to give up the fight to keep your bodies alive as long as possible and allow the Holy Spirit to come in, upon you to be with you and give you not a renewed spirit but the spirit you had once when in some cases you were very young, yet in others much older. They like you, whether you are living or dead were originally made in God’s image and need to be restored to that image and not condemned for dying to God’s memory possibly forever and ever. It is a life and death matter. Do not forget that no matter how well they interact with you.

If you are living and not alien to God, my Lord or me and others among the living and God has put it in your heart to visit the lonely and the lonesome, do so. Bring the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, your holy Brother, the Father; all of God; with you for it was the LORD God that saw to it by means of the first great miracle directly applying to this issue that the man he created was no longer to be lonely.

You also have been made new and know that the Lord is great medicine for the lonely and lonesome but it requires tact to administer it correctly. You have the proper serum with you but they may not want it to be administered to them. The Spirit is the serum and the result of his interaction with them is always a healing. But you are as they have become to God, an alien in their presence for they have created what they call a life that is alien to God though it is not only really alien to him but toxic to them also. It is a spiritual matter but your spirits are alien one to the other and the other to the one.

But you were dead once. I need not tell you what it was like to be dead though some do not remember being that. Think what it was like when you were also dead, you have that memory in common with them. They are living in their spirit in truth. That is nearly all they have left and even that is wounded by lack of spiritual contact even with God.

But in their wicked heart’s imagination they imagine they are living in their mind which may have become a physical problem in their brains by now from thinking many thoughts they were never created to think in their misuse of such a great treasure. Your hearts were wicked once too and you imagined many things to be truths that were merely fictional and you know that now.

Error in their assumptions of even what it means to live leads to amazing fictions sometimes that you know are not true. Try to avoid that unless they are only willing to tell you what they think they have discovered but always remember that all or most of that is in error. The conclusion of all reasoning that does not begin with God is only as true as the basic assumption or assumptions which are sometimes even conflicting assumptions or assumptions that contradict each other had they only realized it. If the basic assumption is in error how can the conclusion be perfect and that without error and therefore true.

They are in most cases desperate to find a reason for their dilemma and the more desperate the assumption the more outrageous the conclusions they have arrived at which they think they have arrived at on their own. But who inspired their mind or even their wounded spirit with such error in the first place. It was not God or they have taken something God has in fact inspired them to think or feel or just to consider and applied the imagination of their hearts to it or found it unacceptable and turned to other thoughts they have put in place of those truths God shared with them originally. Evil has then seized the opportunity in that case and led their thoughts on a wild goose chase so that they in their hearts and with their brains, a part of their body, have arrived at some fictional place in error that has no basis in reality and did not, does not and never will exist.

Therefore at first converse about something else you may have in common, even their physical condition. We have all had bodies since the holy miraculous birth of our fleshly body. Most people were not raised by spiritual parents and have been taught some of their earliest things in a carnal context that even our Lord had knowledge of because he knew what was in our physical bodies having had one himself and was therefore tempted from his first moment in Earth to the last to yield to his body rather than to the Holy Spirit who was always upon him.

Are they ill? Are they short on food or eating things that will make their bodies ill in an environment that will corrupt their food and make them sick or cause them to perish all the sooner? Are they in need of shelter? Is their shelter inadequate to their immediate needs? Is their body unkempt or their hygiene in someway affecting their inability to interact with others even when and if they go out, or those mandated by the King to give them food and shelter and even hygienic products to make it more tolerable to abide in their bodies by some law or regulation God caused to come about in the worldly governments without sores, pain, or even itching from rashes of many kinds, and the diseases that result from uncleanliness?

Find ways to make it easier for them to abide in their bodies even as God has taught you to care for your bodies more appropriately that the relationship between the church you live in and your spirit is to be more harmonious to free you up to do the Lord’s work he has assigned to you or put upon your heart that you should do it for it is very difficult for some even among the living to love aliens, meaning people that are alien to their way of that they call a life, alien to their own belief they have holiness, and aliens to their God, the only true God.

Do not argue with them or in any way as far as is possible for you and so antagonize them and therefore draw attention to those things about your appearance; clothing, hygiene, even your facial expressions not to mention expressions of things they are even more alien to and more hostile toward like mentioning me, our Lord, or God. That will come in time.

Be patient in the hope they will be patient with you because if you drive them away back into their own wild creation of what they think or feel is a “good life” though they know better, off into the wild imaginings of their hearts, and thinking things their brains were never created to think to arrive at the conclusion their brains were never designed to act upon or that it is a perversion of the use of their brains to even think about spirits not to mention holiness or God to them, will you not have created a bad experience for the both of you, one that will leave them even more wild and therefore more timid and vulnerable to future potential visitors and which led you perhaps to become even more alienated toward them instead of enjoying a closer relationship wherein love might have been planted and a harvest exacted.

Therefore give them food, bread for instance, since virtually everyone will eat bread though some would prefer something else more. That too will come as you discuss their preferences for food and shelter, clothing, and hygiene at a future time. Their system may not be able to tolerate things you take for granted as being delicious and healthy not just because of a physical condition but mental disturbances and even because of that they believe which is spiritual in away even though it is a fictional spirituality perhaps.

And do not visit long, especially at first. Let them grow to appreciate and trust you as you would a wild animal you might want to tame. And guard your tongue. Keep your voice at a manageable comfort level for them. Handle with care. Their spirit is often fragile even when they are living in a solitary state for some reason God has allowed or brought upon them.

Oh, what a pleasure to find a lonely or lonesome saint! What a privilege God has set upon you and what a blessing to assist a brother or sister or an entire family cut off from the Kingdom or our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a blessing. And to have the opportunity to serve such a one, even one that has been severely wounded and is in a fragile spiritual condition. God has honored you greatly has he not in such a case?

Gradually tame the alien, or the solitary saint, however, if need be also. Then as they trust you, show them that you really love them. If your heart is not in it ask God to forgive you and to guide you to love them for if your heart is not in it they will sense that spiritually even as you do even a harmless lie spoken by a saint from their flesh or anyone else for that matter. Then as they become more tame begin to share the attributes of God that the King has blessed you with, and the talents he has given you to share with them and assist their spiritual growth.

Then bring up God if the Spirit senses it is safe and if they do not ask you what makes you so different from the dead around them or the wolves that had penetrated an unknown flock and cut them off in such a way they are timid even around their brothers and sisters so that they have come to prefer the ways of the dead and have sealed themselves off from spiritual contact with the children of God. Don’t ever give up even if they cut themselves off from you in the end.

Pray God will try again with another brother or sister or even allow a dead person to tame them to human contact that God might try again to bring a brother or sister to them, even a father or mother, or just a Christian friend. Love them even until it makes you cry and if you don’t know what to pray for them or yourself present yourself in a prayerful mode to God and just care for them.

The holy Spirit who intercedes for you with your own needs will he not also intercede with you for their needs, even needs that are beyond your reach concerning them and if it is you that have been wounded by your attempted good deed will he not intercede concerning that also? That is true religion: To serve God until you are wounded by the task he has set before you or until the spirit he has placed within you is all used up and has perhaps even died which also makes it clear you have served God and not yourself. Will he not bless such a servant even more than one that reads his word, prays, and even worships with vigor and restore your spirit alive and healthy again.

But if one somehow never allows him to use them to that extent or never goes well beyond the extra mile and actually dares love the lost with all their strength, with all their soul, with all their mind and heart and so love them as they would want themselves to be loved by their sisters and brothers, mothers, fathers, friends and even spouses in some cases, but also as God has already first loved them.

Fight the good fight of serving others like God would have you do, not respecting any person as better than another for any reason even as it is with him. Be Godly. Be holy. Love as the man called Jesus of Nazareth and your King called Jesus the Christ did in Earth in that ancient time to us now and accept my love also, remembering that I am his king in this city we both abide in at present whether you are a saint, a sinner, dead or alive forever and ever after the end of this planet’s evil human population and all evil spirits in the heavenly realms. That is my prayer, O God, may it be honored in your eyes. Amen.


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