6/3/2016 From the King of Bemidji, Evening

The king’s edicts so far are:

      1. I am your king, the king of Bemidji as appointed by the King of kings and Lord of lords by the authority given him by God Almighty his Father and mine by adoption. It is real. It is true. It comes from Jesus Christ, the King of all’s own voice, the voice of the spirit within him.
      2. Believe I am king of Bemidji and that there is no other king of Bemidji and realize that not to respect my holiness or the holiness of his many servants requires you deal with God and that if you do not obey me you will also be held accountable by the Father in heaven, the LORD God Almighty.
      3. Believe in all spirits, the spirits of the God, the Son of God, the Holy Spirit, dead spirits, evil spirits and good spirits, angels, devils and the aliens acting in those spirits.
      4. Visit the lonely and the lonesome and practice true religion including you who are dead spirits in that you are dead but your body is yet animated for a little while as well as my holy brothers and sisters among the living actually taking God with you as far as is possible for you.
      5. Believe Jesus Christ came in the flesh as Jesus of Nazareth the King of the Jews now risen to the right hand of God in the person of Jesus Christ.
      6. Believe we were once tame spirits.
      7. Believe that the only tame spirits after their first act of disobedience to God at this current time are the children of God in Earth that are still here in their human bodies.
      8. Believe God is the only real God, and all other gods are of illegitimate principalities and are devils or those they have dreamed up that your psyche’s believe to be real, i.e. demons, boogieman, Slender Man, your worst fears personified that are not also a devil but exists only in the fiction of your psyches actually, etc. Their very names are as profanity to God’s ears and to mine. Do not insult my God by saying, “God by any other name is still God,” lest you tempt him to allow you to die if you are not already dead. If dead, do not go there. Why bring a curse upon yourselves also besides the penalty of death? Death is curable by being given your holy original spirit back to you, the one you received at birth and that you were born with in accordance with God’s grace. A curse of God can only end in torment. Pray then for God’s mercy.
      9. Believe perfect love casts out all fear. Believe the truth, reality and all commands given you by God are binding for we are all actually of the same God.
      10. Give me nothing except by your own free will and not out of any obligation to me except those obligations given you by God. I have all I require and believe God and the goodwill of the saints, and the generous will provide the rest knowingly or unknowingly according to my King’s will and the will of our Father in heaven.
      11. I will forgive any sin against me, but sin is still binding before the King. The dead must ask to receive their holy original spirit back and thus be created anew for them to be forgiven but he will be merciful to whom he is merciful and yet any sin against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven any human or whatever else may abide in Bemidji.
      12. If my prayers are answered you are free from Gitchi Manitou within the city for he is no longer allowed here. Pray that I have been granted my prayer and the answer was affirmative, though some other workman of Satan may be allowed to come against you at God’s discretion for I have in effect fired him. Amen.

I am that I am. You are that you are. We are that.

At least you have believed me in that unless you are a lunatic with an insane spirit which of course may be cast out by those with that gift from God or by their prayer and fasting. Therefore you do know the truth and the truth of him whose holy Name is I AM THAT I AM, the difference being the I AM knows precisely what that is and exactly what it means.

Peace be with you all. But may God be with all his children in everything he or they are experiencing, doing, saying, or even thinking and feeling right now, and forever and ever. Amen.


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