6/3/2016 From the King of Bemidji

The king before he became king once had an amazing dog and they were very close. She was a little white bitch that came into his life in the spring but the following winter they were still together the dog and he who would be your king as a blizzard blew in and the king sat on the couch at his parents’ house spending time with his dog by mimicking her noises while they were snowed in. When he mastered barking in very nearly the same way the dog did, it looked like a light went on in the dog’s brain judging by her countenance and her body language.

The dog then began to make different noises than just a bark of excitement. She whined a special whine and when he who would be king mimicked her whine exactly the dog barked with excitement licking his hand as if he had just given her a treat. Well, as other dog noises were copied he said to his dad, “I think this dog is actually teaching me to speak in the way dogs speak to each other!” Then after a few long hours of being snowed in he learned to make many sounds a dog may make including even differing growls and each time he learned a dog noise his dog had made she reacted with exaggerated excitement.

Finally the wind died and the snow became light and finally unexpectedly the sun came out. Then the dog wanted out which was unusual but she would not go out unless him who would be king went out with her.

As they walked out the door, he decided to try out some of the noises on the neighbor’s dog which happened to be one of his dog’s offspring. But to his surprise his dog ran to the neighboring kennel through the deep snow and stood excitedly nearby and looked at her offspring and whined one of the special whines. Then she looked at him who would be created anew and eventually became your king and he when he finally understood she wanted him to make the same noise to her offspring he did.

Her offspring surprised him by coming to him and scratching at the fencing of the kennel and when he didn’t pet the dog it made the same whine. So he pet the dog which immediately had the same reaction its mother had. He had his first little conversation with a dog as taught by his own little bitch.

She then took him who would be born again to be your king and introduced him to the rest of the dogs in the neighborhood which there were several and each dog was surprised at his vocabulary as his teacher made certain barks and when he made them he discovered their corresponding meaning by reading the other dog’s reations which we all can do.

Finally two dogs that were unknown to the bitch’s pupil passed by about a quarter of a block away. So he whined as loudly as he could. The strange dogs reacted by turning their heads from side to side as had they encountered something peculiar they were not able to comprehend. Then they barked excitedly at him.

But when he made that same bark one of the dogs became afraid and started barking defensively as he had learned. So he tried to assure the dog he was safe to be around. But the dog would not accept his offerings of friendship and in the end ran off turning to bark in anger or fear at short intervals as it ran and increased its distance from him.

One night not long after that he was walking home and the dog that was afraid of him was in the road ahead of him. When he whined thinking he had another chance to befriend the dog, the dog did come to him but not in friendship. It seemed enraged and very fearful at the same time. It would back up the street away from him barking and growling in a threatening manner regardless of any dog noise he made. The little dog acted deranged and attempted time and again to drive him back down the street away from his home.

It is the same reaction he has noticed in humans when confronted by someone very different to them in some way. They seem threatened by the unfamiliar and some actually begin behaving in a nearly deranged manner to the unfamiliar person making hateful, hurtful, and angry responses, a reaction that has names among humans; racism, impatience and hostility toward the mentally ill, or physically or mentally handicapped called stigma among so many other things that always result in many social ills in the times him who would be your king grew up in.

It is the way some that are joined to Christ react to those that are alien to their beliefs and to their actions, their language, their personalities or even manner of speech which your king has learned always has its basis in fear. Judging the unfamiliar to be a threat they react with fear because they feel threatened, but the more familiar they become with them the more they accept them, though some people are so wild like that deranged acting dog, they never will accept others that are different to them choosing their feelings of fear in the uncertainty of new experiences. They are much more difficult to give the great blessing we the living have available to them simply by being exposed to those that have the power to save them from destruction as well as everything they are afraid of and actually need that they are unwilling to allow because of their innate fear or fears.

People that hear voices for example are often afraid of or intimidated by their voices but they are real experiences and anything real to us God knows what the actual source of it is and how to deal with it, and how to deal with us also to make it much more comfortable for both those speaking to them in such a way as their voices speak to them but in accordance to their faith in God’s power over any one or any thing they may experience whether something born of physical abnormalities in the brain or actual hateful, mean, and even vicious spirits that are perhaps no more than reacting to their gift of being able to hear them or to have even thought to interact with them by merely listening to them which they discern in a spiritual manner.

Some people unfamiliar with God have reacted to even the concept of God with hostility and developed an entire litany of reasons why God should be best ignored amid beliefs God is always bad news, obviously knowing nothing of God but citing rumors and the actions of people with various degrees of fear of God reacting to some one they are not familiar with and in some cases they are very convincing to the ignorant or others who have had bad experiences with not only some spirit that gave them the impression they were God but his children who could save them from all that confusion and seeming derangement to live in his peace and love forever and ever instead of letting themselves get so far out of control their interaction with the living after the death of their bodies must be severed in the only way possible.

The phenomenon not only occurs between people, people and animals, people and God but people and the truth, reality, true love, true peace, being involved in intimacy, and everything else that is unalterably so. Some people will do almost anything to avoid being vulnerable with anyone and when even at a hint a conversation becoming real they leave, get defensive, offer nonsense, discredit the speakers, and even demand the topic be dropped and not even mentioned in certain settings, choosing ignorance to anyone even those who are deranged and actively not only opposed to being vulnerable, true and real in any setting but the people that make it a habit to live and truly live, a thing that is abhorrent to them because of their basic fear of such things that may require they change in a manner they may not really, truly or sanely not have any other options but to accept.

Those who have disobeyed my edict to believe in spirits, why do you deny such an amazingly large part of living and dead persons you might have come to enjoy or been assisted by as well as threatened and even harmed by? Is it not because of your fear of them and not the fact of their existence? Those who are unsure, uncomfortable or even belligerent toward the lonely and those different in some way even just adhering to some different opinion than yours, is it not also because of your fear for the same reason?

Let us help you be tamed. Why go through life like that dog and act in a deranged manner every time you are in such a situation and surely you cannot honestly without being driven by your fear deny such situations not only exist but cannot be forever something you have not, are not now, or will not eventually encounter and at a time when you are powerless to do anything about them being there and forced to change and decide to accept reality or in your fear attempt to change that you really are powerless to change; reality, the reality of God where there is perfect love.

Perfect love casts out all fear, therefore if you are fearful and refuse to abandon your fears you will have to be cast out or under the control of those who do not have fear in one way or another the entire rest of your existence. We, the living in Bemidji, yes, right here in your hometown have the cure for every fear so please let us give it to you for the worst case scenario is that it will cure you of something far more horrible than cancer or any other possible disease. Please…

It does not matter what you are afraid of God can allay that fear, even the fear of torment or hell where there is a boogieman in every corner not to mention in every person therein.


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