6/4/2016 From the King of Bemidji, Morning

This is on your king’s heart this morning, the Sabbath of all Israel:

I have shared with you the miracle of my appointment in writing on my writing site, in both of my blogs, and I have shared the news with several of my friends and family even on Facebook and other sites but you do not believe. Do you believe in miracles? If so, why didn’t you believe this one? Your faith bothers me. It needs to be strengthened but how do I a child of God strengthen your faith?

Do you not want a king? Do you think it is not something Christ would do? Do you think I am crazy for believing the voice of Jesus’ spirit? Maybe you reject me as your king? Maybe you think I am speaking of someone else when I confess that I am your king, real in every way; in spirit, in truth, in reality?

Maybe it’s because I was not prophesied? Maybe it’s because you do not want our King to come back in this way? Maybe you are not ready to be judged and have not the faith to stand before the Lamb and be judged a forgiven saint, or you are some man or woman that served their unbelief and lived in sin all their adult life as they dare to call it and are not shame faced as they call their earthly torment that?

Someone once erected a sign along the way to Bemidji, “Jesus is Lord of Bemidji,” perhaps they will not accept the idea that Jesus is their Lord as the Jews did once and that their prayer is being answered in this way? Perhaps you think I will be an evil king? Maybe you assumed that Jesus would come in person and reign from your sanctuary? Maybe you are uncertain?

Maybe I am merely the first of many brothers and sisters to be appointed king of many if not all communities in your homelands over the entire Earth? Ask for a sign from him for I have no miraculous powers other than faith in Jesus Christ my Lord and I have accepted his appointment though I never even considered being his appointed king of my community and thought it ridiculous and a thing to make me laugh. No such thought would have entered my mind from any other source, I assure you. When I asked my Lord why he would say such a thing he said, “To get your mind off your writing.” Would anyone else save one from wasting his life writing things desperately attempting to serve God in vain according to his own lead?

Yes, Jesus I accept even if no one else believes and if I am rejected as the king by my subjects, what an honor to be so treated for it is the way in which you were treated when Emmanuel, you were rejected by the very people to whom you were sent, the Jews. Shall I not serve them anyway even as my beloved King and Savior did, even me Lord; even me…

If you will not believe this miracle then what other miracle will you believe that my Lord does through me or to me. Are my experiences less valid than yours. If I testify to what God has done in my life and you will not believe me whom may you ask to verify it? God is not a human that he should gossip. I have testified to their verification concerning my appointment, did you refuse to believe even that? The Son does nothing he does not see the Father doing. The Spirit gives me concepts to write unto you and yet you do not believe even him either.

Thus you can see by these writings the testimony of God before your very eyes, a miracle even in any typos I may make that prove my remaining humanness. Do you fail to understand? I am not speaking of someone else, as a prophet would do. I am speaking directly to you, the living and the dead, good spirits on high and the evil who know God and tremble at the mention of God’s holy Name and the name of our Lord. We are all of the same God.

Why believe the liars that say some others than the eight aboard the ark survived the global flood and they, Noah’s entire family believed that as did the spirit in Adam and Eve that it was not true that other human spirits survived it besides their descendant Noah, his wife, his sons; Shem, Ham, Japeth the father of most of you, and their wives?

Would you rather a modern day Jew who is one in name only under the rule of a demon Lucifer dreamed up for their psyches to believe and allow that to rule over you? They blaspheme when they pray to their god in the holy Name of God for they believe that Yeshua, the same one who is Jesus Christ, the embodiment of truth, the truth of whom their prophets spoke, Emmanuel as he walked among them and thereby believe God a liar.

The modern Jew that claims to be an atheist is more truthful than they. Only Messianic Jews and Jews who believe and practice Christianity, our holy brothers and sisters, servants of my Lord are really holy Jews and it is their prayers that rule even in Jerusalem where hell on earth is closer to being true than any other place in Earth.

Do I love their dead any less by testifying of the one true God the only real God who is spirit, true and real also? I do not any more or any less than their Savior who is coming in this way to Bemidji and will soon rule in Jerusalem, the very city where he was crucified by those that rejected him and the truth in the ancients and many of whom are yet liars as they have been all along saying that our beloved Savior was the Devil or at the very least the worst thing that ever happened to all Jews.

Jesus the Christ was none of that. He could have been the best thing that ever happened even to their atheists among them but they chose to abandon the truth and fight reality, the reality of the Spirit of God which also is spiritual. They did it to themselves and reject God by rejecting his Son the very embodiment of the truth they so hazardously guarded and never would have survived had they not done that all the way from the man God created to Jesus of Nazareth who came to save them from losing their ability to know the truth time and again using miracles and to have to depend entirely upon the mercy of I AM THAT I AM as even unbelievers and Gentiles and aliens must.

The Names they use to call upon God are curses upon their lips for a God that would allow the Devil to do what Jesus did to them were it true what they say, is not worth worshiping even by them. Are they not dead even as a follower of any other devil, demon, or Slenderman are?

They are. They cannot have faith in one that does not exist. They cry out to one in their imaginations, a figment in their psyches, and do not feel in their corruption the loneliness that even Adam felt for God upon seeing the angel at the gate to Eden. They are so hardened and so believe in their delusionary view of reality the heart of which is a lie. God would never do that to anyone, let alone the Jews he had chosen of all the peoples in Earth.

Why have they believed Satan? The imaginations of their hearts were evil even as God had told them at the time of Noah is why and they cling to a horrific fictional god that is absolutely and completely unlike God who has never done anything evil, is not now doing anything evil and never will be evil, for how can he be evil when he knows everything as they well know and cannot be fooled by the one he knows lied to the woman and has never stopped lying to humanity even as he will yet be doing even as he is tossed into torment at end of his having any influence whatsoever even among the dead.

Who would worship the evil god of the modern Jews who are not the Messianic Jews or those that call themselves Christians have rejected and worship the one God who is spirit, and the one true God and the one real God, the I AM? The modern dead Jews are religious but only that because there is nothing to worship in their religion in reality like all other religions that worship only devils and demons and aliens pretending to be gods. Praise God for the Messianic Jews and those that were Jews like them who now believe Christ is the truth! Glory to God for the remnant of his chosen people! Praise! Praise his holy Name!

May there be peace Lord JESUS in Jerusalem for their sake and not just the physical city where the damned would rule in your stead but where you are coming again as hell would then have materialized there and become real had you not come, but the Spiritual Jerusalem that still exists even in Earth in real time. May all pray for the peace of that Jerusalem we know and realize what city they are praying for the peace of; not the carnal Jerusalem of the bastard Jews who have no Father but the Devil who denies he is their father and vehemently so. May even the dead, wicked, people who persist in calling themselves Jews that are not Jews have a real harvest among them that is real for a change from you the only true and real God there ever was, is and forever will be. Amen.

Do not practice Jewry in my city. It is shameful for you to do that if it is shameful to worship any god ever invented by any people, any devil, or alien ever to exist. You are no different than they but much the more irreverent to the very Names you recognize as holy even as the living Jews do. You turn your ancestors’ stomachs; from the prophets back to Abraham, and even Moses all the way back to Adam they are so very disappointed in you. You are very nearly the same as the descendants of Cain were are you not?


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