6/5/2016 From your king Bemidji

This is on the king’s mind today:

If we imagine something to be the way it really is, was or will be we have not imagined it but seen it with our imagination. But if we imagine something to be the way someone else sees it, feels it, hears what there is to be heard there, the way that person smells it to be and even tastes it to be we have gone to that place in the person that is there with our imaginary senses.

I will tell you then about me and where I am and what I am doing and describe myself to you as best I know how that you might be where I am.

It is dark here. So dark I cannot see anything. Everywhere I turn my eyes I see a place in the darkness. If I turn my eyes to another place I see only that place in the darkness. But it is not a darkness like one sees in Earth today. It is a darkness one senses with their spirit. I know it is there about me. What it looks like in any place I choose to look at. But at the bottom of it I sense water. No matter where I move my spirit I sense water is beneath me on the surface of a very deep body of water.

I feel nothing with my spirit. I hear nothing but silence. I feel nothing neither coolness or any warmth though it might be it is even very cold or very hot. I am just so excited about doing that I am doing I don’t really notice right at the moment. There is no odor or taste to anything. It is as if my senses were gone and all I can do is know the place I look at in my mind to be only the places they are and nothing other than just empty places.

But at the bottom I sense water and no matter where I move my spirit it is only the same. I know it has always been there. I know I have always been here. And I know the water has always been there. It is as it always has been. Just my person, the person that testifies of anything that is true and the person of my spirit, all knowing the others are there, what the others are thinking and doing or saying or feeling, all of us being one person.

There is no one else here. We can all remember what we always did before, know what we are doing now, and know everything that will ever happen as we always have.

It is finally time to begin. So we begin to create every good thing we have ever reasoned could be done by us if we were to be good and true to that even in our spirit that we ever would want to do just as we have always done as we have always wanted to do it.

I break the silence when I say, “Let there be light!” And immediately there is light just exactly as we always knew it would be when we finally made it. When I actually saw the light I understood what its perfect likeness actually was, light itself and and I understood what the goodness within us was like outside of us, good. It was not its perfect likeness but light itself as it is in us or any other place there could be. The place we had known here has always been what it was, but it was not that now, the light is here now. We created light where there had been no light just as we knew it would be the real thing and not just the light that was in our persons which was also light.

So we let it dim and become darkness and divided time outside of us, the time before the light and the time after light. Then we allowed the light to brighten again and I called the light Day, and the darkness Night for they were both a new thing. The dark, formless, void with the water we had only sensed beneath the person of our spirit was no more. By creating light we had created everything new and we knew all of what we wanted to create was just waiting for us to do it.

Were you there with me? Before and after light was created by God. In the place God was in and above the place the water was in. Actually there in the beginning as it began with God as I imagined it to be, as you see it was and as I see it was. We have been there. We were with God in the beginning throughout the entire first day.

I have always wanted to go there and now I have. Did you ever want to go there? Did you think it was impossible? It was beautiful, wasn’t it? It is good, isn’t it? No one that does not believe God that is the way it was cannot go there. But we have been there with God and can go back there anytime we care to remember the experience.

I never conjured anything up. I simply believed God and went there and shared the experience as best God cared to communicate it to me and as well as I could describe it.

But I did cheat for when I was a little kid I asked God to show me his light and he did. So I may have known more than you thought I did. Forgive your king for springing that on you this late in the game. I actually saw the place God made light in, in my mind’s eye and I actually saw the light God made. But it was a lot easier to do before I had read the Bible and before I knew what I was talking about as the Holy Spirit led me to ask to see it and then showed it to me as a child believing with the ease a child believs.

The principle yet stands. If you imagine something real and even picture what you are imagining in your mind’s eye, hear it with your spirit, feel or not feel, taste or not taste, smell or not smell what is or isn’t there to do that to as well as sense with your spirit what whoever really was there, is there, or will be there has shared with you exactly as they shared it with you, you have been there, even as they were there to share the truth of the reality of the place in the Spirit with you.

I loved it there in the Holy Spirit as he also shared it with Moses probably, or at least shared the concepts for the words to tell us about it. But I believe Moses has been there too, even as we were according to our ability to believe and according to the intensity with which we believed it or in other words our faith. How about you?

I trust you are not too dismayed for our little voyage and my little deception you probably thought was that all along. Read it again and again should you desire now you know what I did. Picture it in your mind’s eye if you desire it. It is real so be careful to control your imagination and add nothing to it or take nothing away from it, I mean if you really want to come as close to being there as I, Moses and the Holy Spirit could make it for you. Trust me, it is very close if not absolutely real as far as our spirits can see at the moment.

It is my present to you. Receive it and enjoy it. I just wanted to give you something real and go somewhere real with you as God inspired me to. He loves you. I love you. And perhaps even Moses loves you. That is up to him. I know he loved the children of Israel and God. Why not us too then if he knew to do that much?

You unbelievers and the dead in my kingdom, I am sorry but I didn’t get you anything or take you anywhere. If you went along too, it was by God’s grace and I of course have no control over that. Praise him if he took you along with us. He is drawing near to you for a reason. But surely you have been there in that dark, formless, void in your spirit more than you care to think about. I am so sorry if I reminded you of something painful to remember or revisit online. It doesn’t have to be that way, you know by now.

Praise the Lord! I found that great fun Lord. Let’s go again some time. Amen.

Remember when you imagine either in your brain and therefore add it to your mind, avoid confusion in your mind by imagining real things that you know to be good even if just for the sake of having fun or as a way to give a fellow believer a present or to share something with an unbeliever or the dead. Avoid confusion, confusing yourself and being sucked into error which leads to a temptation to sin by thinking sinful thoughts and then to sin and then to either have to ask forgiveness or bear your own iniquity or even die, go to hell and finally torment but be resurrected again in the case of those that will live forever, my holy brothers and sisters in Christ. Someday maybe, we can go to the Holy City, the New Jerusalem some time? I would dearly love going there! How about you? Peace be with you all and Father you know how grateful I am for the gift. Please accept my deepest thanks and praises. The glory is all yours. Amen.


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