6/6/2016 From your only legitimate king Bemidji

This is on your king’s mind today:

There is opposition to the king by evil. But they have not presented to the king a single criticism that proves their legitimacy because there is none. My Lord has brought it to my attention who and what they are, proving the need for a real, true, spiritual king in my kingdom in place of that demon they dreamed up for you to do as I once did, allow to rule you by accepting it as if it were real in your psyche, a psychiatric problem for humanity, but a thing God can make disappear when he proves he was nothing more than Slenderman.

Pray for the king that he may always ignore them hereafter and that he will pay them no mind and give them none of his attention other than to decree they leave his kingdom for they are undesirables. Let us then hope that his King will grant the complete and utter destruction of them in Bemidji; of their chief spokesman and those like him in his kingdom, your home and my temporary home as we look forward to the end of our sojourn here.

There is so much filth and evil coming into our community through the media and undesirable dead humans that are encouraged to come here and pollute our home, the place where we live, the environment we live in and will always live in if we live at all until the creation of the New Earth under the New Heaven. Let us go forth then believing in faith that your prayers for me and my petition to my King will be honored that we may create together a good city free of their influence among us. Have no fear for I know my King is with us in this that we do.

When I see babies my heart is warmed and a smile lands on my countenance for they have the face, the body and the likeness of our Lord Jesus Christ, my King which is as close to seeing God as we can come in Earth until the King of the Earth returns and sets up his kingdom in the absence of the Devil’s deceptions here in Bemidji also.

Look in their eyes and see the joy of discovery of a world they assume is safe for them to grow in. Do not think of their lack of safety but of the face of God they display for the world to see, subjects. Delight in the Lord for his blessing is upon you and let your spirit be so moved as had you saw his goodness and peace even when their eyes are closed in peaceful sleep.

The enemies we have, are not endued with any power to stop that goodness which is only his and comes from no other source. Praise the Lord for God is yet alive in our midst! Generous God bless us with the glimpse of all goodness. Let us seek you out here in Bemidji and show the way to it unto the world and let no red dragon stand before them ready to consume them as they come out of the womb. Thank you Lord for where there is yet goodness there is yet hope. Strengthen your children O God. Amen.

The enemy hates them as he does us but he cannot take away the blessings God bestows upon us if we pay them no attention in the presence of that the LORD is showing us. Be joyful for babies are the very image of God in Earth. But also be true to his image you were born or created again to display also. Amen, for how can even the dead and the cursed look upon an innocent baby’s face and not fear you God and shudder. Let us rejoice and be happy. The Lord has made this day and shown you the wonder of his very face!

Look at the purity in his eyes. See him smile. Look at the wonder he has when you pay him any attention at all even in ignorance rather than the evil you spend so much of your time paying attention to in God’s stead. They who have seen a baby have not only seen my Lord but the face of our Father. How dare they say God is not real! We have the proof among us in their very own little ones. May they be forever cursed that would kill a little baby or lead them away from our God to the point they not only died but became a curse to themselves, to us among those for whom torment is not only just but merciful even to them. Amen? Of course, Amen!

The enemies bring evil in immediately unto some of God’s images. They look upon the very face of God and destroy his physical likeness like the vandals they are, translating them immediately in their futility to the throne of their Father in heaven. What irreverence! Do they have any claim to anything but judgment to look upon the very face of God as it appears in the mirror made of humanity!

More often they by human decision send them to heaven as though they were miscarried while they are yet in their mother’s “safe place” her very womb. How wonderful! Despite their evil intent they bring about a great and glorious spiritual end, a very holy reception at the throne of God and receive nothing but the deceased physical body of their fetus for their efforts; garbage in a dumpster at the clinic.

Miscarried children are no less holy for by divine choice they are spared the mischief of this world not rejected by it. Being rejected by it is also a great honor as was bestowed upon our Savior even as the enemy defeats themselves by that they bring about like killing the children of Rachel. The only ones more honored are those that were conceived and are sent even a very short time later to the throne of God, honored more than any other miscarried child as allowed by God to spare them no more than a footprint in the sands of God’s walk in Earth.

Thank God for allowing the morning after pill! How wonderful that evil is exposed to be and such a great and glorious miracle is the result! How wonderful is our God! How futile the effort against great goodness, and such special glory for God! Is it any wonder we cannot fathom his glory when any of us do even the most mundane thing that is good or even right.

The evil have been seen to actually stand in line before the counter to rid themselves of a great blessing from God! So I am like a dog looking at the underside of a turtle they have just managed to turn over in an attempt to get at the animal they thought was hiding under what they thought to be a rock, turning my head from side to side and backing off to bark in surprise at something I cannot comprehend. Why would God allow such wicked people to perform such pure miracles! A perfect image of God before his throne in the exact likeness of our LORD God! What an amazing God we have! Who can even be sane and attempt his undoing or who can even think of opposing him like the cursed have led them to do? The evil accomplish nothing but add to the garbage pile they create in Earth that will be lit for them to burn in forever and ever; an endless supply of burning sulfur.

You unbelievers whom I love like the God that allowed you to facilitate great miracles in heaven in place of the evil you intended here in Earth, the birth of yet another perfect martyr in the fight against the ugliness of evil, have you committed any such sin? Have you spilled your seed on a bed or even on the ground, God intended to be a great blessing in your life? Have you aborted God’s plan for a special little one bearing the likeness of his face? Did you turn away from the one God intended to be your mate for the rest of your time here in Earth, the one you in your evil might have known was your soulmate, the parent of all your children you have murdered before they were even conceived by your adulterous acts? Did you do anything to the body of your parents to bring about the aborting of the rest of your siblings or to your parents’ or siblings’ spirit with the same resulting in the very same the death of those God intended to be a blessing to you personally?

This matter of showing the face of God to people in Earth is more complicated than you thought because your evil imaginations in your mind and in your heart has made it complicated. How much more evil can you be than to personally reject even the possibility of seeing one more image of God’s face in Earth!

Turn and ask God to forgive you in your worthlessness as an evil being that accomplishes nothing God does not allow no matter what you do and replaces it with a pure, perfect, blessing in heaven just like the acts of futility the cursed fool you into imagining, thinking, saying, doing, and feeling.

That you are feeling right now comes from God if your heart is filled with remorse for what you have done, are powerless to make right, and grieved that it is perfectly clear to you in God’s holy light. Let the Holy Spirit explain it to you in truth. Let him testify to the real result of what God has done in your behalf that you might not defile any thing or any one but yourself until as he hoped you would reach this point and come broken in spirit to him begging shamefacedly for mercy and forgiveness.

Should you allow him to give you back the spirit you were born with and restore what you have done to his image back into an exact likeness of God once again. If you did that. If you turned from your evil ways, turned to God and accepted his offer to create you not anew but as you are and have always been though you didn’t realize it that even God knew it as made possible by the death of his Son, Jesus Christ and his suffering for the penalty you deserve, go now to the nearest mirror and gaze upon it.

Look! Therein is the face of God! Look upon your face. It is the face of God whom you are so grateful to right now. The face of the very image of God in your own mirror! Look in his eyes at his spirit that shines through… Is there any time in your entire being you were ever so beautiful? Of course not!

Welcome back to life! We still love you as before but we welcome you to life, forever to live right along with us forever. You cannot ever die again or be evil ever again! Jesus has it rigged. Eagerly seek out the living, your living sisters and brothers in the Holy Spirit and our Lord and in our Father, your Father too now. Is there any greater love than God’s love! Of course not! He is God…

It is the greatest miracle you could ever accept from him at this point but he has so many, many more to share with you. There really is no end to it! Praise God for you! Glory! Glory to God in the highest!

However, if you have committed any of those evil things and are unmoved or just shrug it off and try to tell yourself the eyes of a baby are not the eyes of he God looking back at you-? Even newborn they are God looking out at the original dark, formless, void for their blindness whether that is all you have ever been blessed to see, the very first thing God saw here before he started creating everything though they are extremely blessed to see that of God no one unlike them has seen since they were very tiny; nothing; just one more thing to be taken lightly or for granted?

You are bearing your ignorance still in the fantasy world you can’t remember not having been in since your first act of disbelief or disobedience. There is no light there you do not imagine being there. It is only imaginary. You are blind. You have blinded yourself to what is really there. Were it merely that you were asleep and at least dreaming but you are not. Are you not dead? Dead to God and even dead to the world where there is at any given moment evermore images of someone’s evil imagination. Is any of it all yours?

Nothing is real for you. Everything is only what you imagine it to be, what you reason it must be, what you have heard it is, what they have done to you displayed everywhere you look, think, imagine, say, do, in anything you have chosen or not chosen but which was forced upon you in school, in your home, by your evil parents, evil siblings, relatives, friends, and even their friends as well as so called experts of whom you know only their clever words that have trapped your soul by fancy tricks and a pandering to your evil desires.

You are the original “Nowhere man, sitting in his nowhere land, making all his nowhere plans for nobody,” as the words of that old song suggest and you feel it. It is real to you, but, “…nothing is real,” or really there but only in your mind.

How long will you stay dead? Forever?

No. Torment is very real and completely unavoidable at all times in a way you cannot avoid paying your complete attention to it; excruciating pain so bad you scream in agony forever and ever and you know that is true even as the cursed that have made you think and feel the way you do also know it is so.

Turn. Please! We will love you as long as we can even remember you with great sadness if you do not. My heart cries for you not turning right now at this very moment, and will continue to cry for you until all the living forget you ever existed, even God, though they don’t want to do that with everything in them as it is now for a little while longer.

Without God you can do nothing. Without being given your true spirit back, the one you originally had and give the only true reality there is back to you for a real environment, you cannot help yourself but do the wrong thing. What you imagine is wrong. What you reason is wrong. What you say is inappropriate. What you do is not you doing it but all that error in you, also known as sin, Jesus taking responsibility for you doing it to him personally. You are as nothing or someone that didn’t show up when they were supposed to because they never did show. You are real, but you haven’t got a clue what reality is. O that you were merely insane. God could cure that.

But you are free to choose anything even that existence. There is no cure for a free will but oppression but that is evil and God would never do that to you or anyone else. God is always good and always was. It’s either exercise your free will in God, really, truly and even spiritually or do the will of those who have control of you and have had control of you since you first knew you ever did anything wrong and wouldn’t accept, ask or didn’t even know what it meant, to be forgiven; really forgiven by God.

Turn from death to life or you will fulfill your own prophecy that you will die, you are not the first to have known it, or the first to say it but it is a truth if you allow it to be like any other self-fulfilling prophecy no matter how hard you work at trying to make it not so. That it is all it is; not so.

Even if the scientists figure out how to keep your body alive forever, you will never be a part of reality or know what it is, so you will just be dead anyway. Life is much more than- much, much more than just being a living body which is a misnomer for what is the difference if the body is alive if no one real is home, if a dead person is all that is actually in there? Turn… “?” Turn… “.” Turn… “”

The greatest miracle I have ever come across is not what Jesus did on the cross, not what he accomplished by dying and by going to hell to pay for all humanity’s sins, but the miracle of keeping us in such a perpetual state of gratefulness and bliss we no longer remember any of that ever destroyed in torment then in the New Earth; any thing, any one, any human, any angel ever; like your angel, any spirit, any soul- Yours? You…


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