6/7/2016 From the King of Bemidji Afternoon

How sad I am. I had to deal with yet another deceased human that became one of the many humans that did so exactly like Satan and the rest of his devils and became their own distractions the Devil’s demon he never should have made just like everything else he never should have made. God help us for here in these dark times in human history there are so many of them. How long must we put up with their distraction? Speak to them Father on behalf of the living who loved some of them. Their cries reached my ears again. Help us forget them and give them no more of our attention ever again starting now. Amen.

You think you know the secrets of God. You know nothing. Anything could have been yours. Why did you believe such nonsense? When the earth was an endless darkness, void of anything that had any form, I never made it the way you believe it is. How many times will you change your minds concerning the universe and about the dimensions you want so badly to believe are there waiting for you to discover, or the minutia that you imagined were there for you discover?

You have created all this and in so doing you are proof you were once like me and very creative. If only you had applied yourselves to the truth. All these grand things you think you know, all these things you have fooled yourselves into believing, who revealed them to you? What angel brought you news of them or explained the secrets to things that will not bring you any nearer to me, things too grand for the minds of babies to grasp?

Oh that you were babies and knew nothing of the consequences of what you are doing you would not go to torment when the end is revealed with those same evil messengers that distracted you from me and my ways. The further they take you who are yet alive into their secrets the farther from me you get. But will you change and become other than what you are even if I go with you there?

Will your soul rest easy when you sleep? Will you rise to a joyous household with your loved ones around you and with more than enough and be content with that you have? No you will not, for you will always be poverty stricken, always wanting more of nothing that satisfies that desire for long, only to want even more when that is gone or even before it is gone so that you may delude yourselves that you are rich when at all times you become more needy, needing more of what has never satisfied you before because it cannot satisfy you. I never made you to be satisfied by such things.

I will leave you to your own devises and your lone desire. You want no part of me, no part of anything real, just more of nothingness. I will not put up with you forever. You will all die. Then what will you have when everything you imagined is revealed to be vanity like the earth was before I created everything real that is real for you to enjoy?

What good will it be when that you imagine to be the moon is but dust even as the earth was? What good is there in knowing the rings of that you call Saturn, a dishonorable name I detest, are huge rocks rather than dust? It will make no difference to you for you are already dead as dead as a woman in a space suit alone in an endless vacuum until she is quite mad living only for the next time she dreams or hallucinates some horrible vision.

Who will call upon your spirit to know the things that marveled you when others have taken your place and deem all the dark secrets you think you know as silly child’s play by then. No one, but me.

I will collect you and bring you before my throne and ask you questions that reveal not what you think you knew but what goodness if any is in your completely distracted, soul, distractions that you marveled in that were not important to anyone before you imagined they were there to be discovered whether large or very minute, distractions that made you happy for you did not have to think about anything real like me or even goodness and evil. Where is your joy? Nothing was more valuable than you.

You were no good. You served no purpose and when your body died you had nothing more in your minds but what had distracted you, things you have no relationship with, things no human ever had any need to ever know. You have wasted all the goodness I bestowed upon you and you were more valuable in your mother’s womb than you are now. Your soul withered and died in a vacuum void of emotion not to mention love or any of the things even a newborn displays more of than you do now and your thoughts were all a waste of time and everything you did only brought you farther and farther away from anything with any real and lasting value.

Everyone has forgotten you. There is no one left that remembers your name. You were dead so long you completely forgot about me, or anyone else but yourself. Now you will know me. You will cry out to me for even more mercy but you will not remember my name or the names of anyone you knew, or anyone that taught you any of the worthless things the evil messengers gave you to ponder. You will be mindlessly distracted with the pain of burning sulfur forever.

You love only your distractions and to be distracted. I will let it be without end and you will love me and be real, all that you ever were; nothing important enough to remember; as the rest of those I made go on to experience great and wonderous things that are real and that last forever without end and if there is an end to it I will be there also, the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end.

I will remember you no more. They will remember you no more. Even the angels will have forgotten you. But you will be too distracted to remember your name or ever having been anything but distracted by the same excruciating pain that keeps you from thinking anything else; alive then, but in the worst of all possible ways.

But at least you will not be insane. For the first time in a very long time you will not even be evil for you will obey my last command, “Now scream forever!” And, all those there with you will be doing precisely and exactly the same thing. All of you joining together in perfect harmony in the same scream that never ends but is so far from our ears and our eyes we will not even know you ever were there, when we forget you forever without end.

However that is the future. In the here and now, right at the moment, for you have no way of telling when I will come and destroy the earth with fire and then bring you before my throne to see what you have to say for yourself, for yet a little while you may turn to me and beg me not to judge you thus in my never ending mercy.

Then ask me while there is yet a little time to give you back the true things you once knew, the real things that will last forever and I will give it to you and create your soul new by that and you will be a newborn in my kingdom again. Otherwise, “Now just scream forever,” nobody cares anymore, hasn’t for a long time now, and never will forever and ever.

How dark is your brain, how empty is your mind, can you create light, even just light in your soul anywhere on your own? I thought not.

Throw them in the lake of fire burning with sulfur. I have loved them until there was nothing left to love any longer. They are, but even I don’t care to remember it.

Who would have thought that just to be the least of everything real would be a merciful judgment for them? I confess. I was surprised by it even when I did. No one, not even me can love something that is not even there.

I loved them with all my heart and gave them every possible chance to change but they would not have any part of it and in the end they were as close to nothing as I could make them. But I will never do that again for there will be no need ever again. So I’ll just forget that and them. They were as it turned out less valuable than the dust mites they believed in. Now I remember why I made those things. Just to have something to compare them to that I might remember them and their just end. But what’s the point any longer? Forget them.


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