6/7/2016 From the king of Bemidji Forenoon

I looked out my window a few nights ago and a blind man stood across the street and it was plain he could not see as he fumbled to a door that was locked and tried to open it. Then he stood helpless and lost in his blindness not knowing where to go and judging by his body language not knowing what to do either.

Father,” I prayed, “Help that poor man,” not knowing precisely what to do for him.

Another man, a sighted man came out of the door of a bar next door and spoke to the blind man and it was clear they knew each other. Then he opened the door of the bar and assisted the blind man in his going into it.

But some time later I went out on the sidewalk and there he was again, the same blind man walking confusedly on my side of the street appearing not to know where he was or what he was to do once more. Again I prayed for him wondering if there was something the king’s King wanted me to do to help him.

I thought about going to him, but it didn’t seem to be the thing to do. So I went back inside thinking how helpless and vulnerable to evil people that might be for him as he wandered the streets at night as they might be going to or coming from a bar and possible wicked and drunk. So I called 911 and reported the incident.

In a short while I saw a police car go by my window but the blind man was not visible from my window and I marveled for I had described what the man was wearing as nearly as I could remember and there didn’t seem to be anyone else in the area. Why hadn’t they stopped to help him?

I went back down to the street below my apartment and looked down the street where I had last saw him. To my surprise there was no one on the street; no blind man anywhere. Had his friend from the bar picked him up? Had he fallen into mischief so soon? Where was he?

The cop drove around checking the alleys and the streets adjacent to where I had last seen him last and I forgot to pray that he was in good hands, worried that his friend might be drunk or one of those that would cause him mischief by even bringing him out at night in a dangerous neighborhood like that.

In the end I regained my peace after wondering whether the police might think I had made a crack call. Even at this late date, my King, I pray the man is okay and that someone had tried to ease his loneliness the only way a dead man might think of, by bringing him downtown to a bar.

Lord forgive me for being so immature as to not even pray for him after the incident was over and bless the blind man, and may your grace be upon the one that did the only pathetic thing a dead man could even think to do to such a man in hopes of helping to ease his loneliness. May it no longer be held against me. Your king has acted incorrectly. Forgive him. Amen.

Let us all close our eyes and remember the dark, formless, empty place the Creator saw here before he began to make something in it that was real. Let some one of my holy brothers and sisters or even a holy angel share with the man that God knows what it is he sees if anything and can help him see in his mind’s eye at least, true things the way he has made it.

Such a man is so blessed but let it be that his sight is restored as that he sees in his mind’s eye are real things by way of the truth our beloved Savior testifies to him is real. But may his physical deformity caused by an evil before birth, an act of evil after birth whether some disease or accident, be miraculously healed and that he be demoted from one blessed to see what the Creator saw as a place with all the potential to make what is really here to a human with eyes that see better than most human eyes that they may share the wonder that God has brought upon him and so cause him to remember that moment thereafter as the very moment the spirit he was born with was restored him making all things new.

But in the mean time may God’s Spirit be upon him. He did a wonderful thing and touched my heart very deeply. Should you know the man, or recognize his body, please make his days as special as you can for helping me feel and for helping Jesus in completing the test the king’s Lord brought upon him even though he failed and is left humbled by the experience.

Think it not odd or unusual that I was just thinking about that the earth was before God began creating it the way it was on the seventh day when he rested; very good. If we pay attention we can often see what is coming in our spirits if they are alive to God. It is not a premonition but simply God’s shadow as it passes between what is not yet and what will be.

Father, let us recognize your shadow. Let us prepare for what you are about to do. May we share the truth with everyone; angel, human, both the living and the dead, and all evil ones for therein is our calling in this world where so many are blind by imagining things to be there that are not and fumble in their dark state not knowing where to go or what to do.

Therein also is our protection as well as theirs for therein is the power of your goodness to cause the evil ones to flee from us, become bored with us for they can cause us no injury or get our attention, and go on to someone else in their sinister hope you that you might allow them to at least interact with another by gaining their attention.

But Father let them go somewhere else and cause no one to die here in Bemidji or make it worse for the blind whether physical blindness or spiritual blindness, or both. With your kindness, Father let us lead some, if only some one, to your loving arms that they may see your face, the face of grace even in the eyes of a baby awakened or closed yet in restful sleep. Help them understand what they see is not what they imagine it to be, what they reason it to be, or even what their spirit senses it to be, but real, something they can testify truthfully about with a knowing spirit enlightened by the Holy Spirit.

May the blind be healed in Bemidji and see dear Lord and be blessed even as you prepare your holy return at this dark hour in the history of humanity, both among the living humans and the dead spirits as well as the living spirit alive, sighted and full of readiness for your return that we may even see the physical world you have testified to with correct judgment like seeing a flowering crab tree as the fog lifts and its blossoms shine in the sunlight.

Let us never take anything you have made, anything that comes from you, your Holy Spirit, Jesus, and our Father and God for granted ever, and if ever again, let us not do that again after just one last time. Father help us. We want to see as clearly as were it a bright day under assure skies, as you see, as they see who are in heaven and as you see at all times that we may also see only that you see.

The other day I saw a blind man with his service dog walking toward me down the street and exchanged greetings. I know Lord that this man is a child of God for he witnessed to me about you when as a child in a vacant lot where I had prayed to hit a grand slam home run for the bases were loaded and my team was down by three runs in the bottom of the last inning.

You sent a single drop of rain to my face from a small dark gray cloud above as a sign since I had asked for that as a sign you were going to do it. Then when I came to bat the outfield moved in for I was not known as a power hitter and the infield was prepared for a bunt. But I swung in faith, hit the ball late and it was the highest and longest highest home run I ever hit well over the tall brushes in right field. But it was not important that I was the hero, that we won the game but that you had brought about a miracle in my behalf.

This blind man with his seeing eye dog had perfect vision and was on my team back then as they chose up sides for another game which started just after I told him about the miracle. He explained to me that, “Yahoo!” was an English corruption of your Name and that everyone on my team or the other was shouting that word in amazement in ignorance for he was as he called himself, a Christian.

I shall never forget Paul whom I hope sees me one day in heaven for he was later injured in an accident so I heard, still pursued his passion for art as long as possible and now is not so much blind for the fact he is a child of God causes all that to pale compared to the importance of what you did for him at a young age that he might live so much of his life in your love and life.

Father God I thank you for Paul that he can see, is not blind, but knows precisely what reality is with a clarity the rest of us cannot yet remember of our first days in Earth before you shared the miracle of light and later the clarity of vision every spirit desires whether dead or alive and alien or already a child of God. Amen!

If Paul cannot read that I have been inspired to write, to testify to herein, please someone share it with him even if all you know of him is his outward appearance in the hope I may touch the heart of one whom I know is the image of God also. I sense that Jesus is crying for he does not answer me though I asked, “Is there anything you would like to add, Lord,” and had the thought, ‘Jesus is crying.’ O that I had even the thought that I have touched the heart of God whom I love with everything I can manage to love any one with…

I hope you cannot imagine what I just imagined though I do not know it is true of the former blind man in the story which I saw from my window? He might have been angel. To be blind and dead, and to see only that he imagines even should some mere physician cure his body’s blindness…

O God may it not be so but merely something I imagined in my flesh! And then if that is the case forgive me even for that. Amen…

That poor man that brought him to a bar. How hard he tried to be good and do good. Some one to visit with, even a dead man is better than no one.

You have caused a beautiful thing to come about. Though it was not your intention if it is true you do not know God and merely reacted to my suggestion for even the dead to help by visiting the lonely whether they are dead or alive to God, I assure you God has used it for good and for beauty which if you are dead you are not really capable of doing or being.

Turn to Jesus next time, that you may not cause such confusion to the lonely, to the living and to your soul or if you have already done that reject you flesh, ask forgiveness and do better. May God’s grace also be upon you, for does he not still love you even as he has since you were a blind newborn even as I love you by sharing the truth with you and those like you.

Do not turn away from God. Draw even nearer to him and he will come closer to you and keep it up as in the end of it you will see the face of God, the face of his grace he is even now showing you and choose to live in the spirit you had as you were when you were born; alive, alive to God and to all of us, Jesus, the angels, and the children of God being no longer an alien but a member of our family. God bless you as he will if you decide to let him. Amen.


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