6/8/2016 From the King of Bemidji Forenoon

Death has been conquered. Jesus Christ my Lord has conquered death, and hell, and evil, and every demon the evil ones could come up with for even the Devil will be free from his own demon, and every evil with it.

The martyred saints following their conquering King will win the war in heaven and there will be no place for the Devil and his devils and all their demons, they will come to the earth and rally every human in earth but a few saints, and surround them at Armageddon, but God will bring fire down from heaven and the Devil will be bound and all those with him and thrown into the lake of fire burning with sulfur and there will in fact be a New Heaven, and a New Earth following the judgment. The Holy City, the New Jerusalem will be there and its gates never close and all believers that God would do such a thing; the holy angels, the children of God and God; will forget them forever and ever. It’s a great miracle wherein the truth of what they were and even who they were or any of their useless ways is no longer forever and ever.

Their lies will vanish as any lie does when exposed to the undeniable truth in the presence of the real thing that even the scientists may examine, experience and know it for what it is without anyone having to tell you for you will be able to taste it if you desire, smell its beautiful and pleasing aromas, hear the gentle waters of the River of Life as it runs by or anything else that is soothing and pleasant to your ears and if you choose even the sounds of joyful and peaceful voices as they speak to each other in the pleasanter tones of love, or see all the perfect beauty and wonder of everything that is present, touch anything you desire and find it more pleasurable than a lover’s kiss in the afterglow, and sense no harm, no sadness, nothing that will ever trouble your spirit in the presence of the King as he sits on his throne knowing there is no end to it, feeling only joy, peace, love, and every pleasant emotion continually, and doing only that which you love to do most, please the King; without end with no thought you might perchance do anything wrong ever again.

No longer will there be anyone that hits on a member of the opposite sex in the hope of having sex with them in some stolen away place for those things will have passed with the unrestrained passions of your previous wildness and never even come to mind, surge in the body, or motivate anyone ever again. There will be no man whores there, no homosexuality, no sexual perversion of any kind for humans of the same sex, children, or animals whether in excess or to the least bit for there is no violence there and no need at all for such things not even the thought of impurity for everyone there will be pure. We will be free to love everyone without question or thought they might take it that way.

The miscarried, the aborted and all the murdered children will be ours in safety, our babies and children and siblings as they grow into full maturation like us to become wonderful, lovely, loving people. We will be unable not to lavish our love upon them, both the stranger and the parent as well as the sibling or close relative.

Every relationship will be healthy and perfect as we do what we cannot help ourselves but to do with each of us enjoying our others to an even greater height than we would have once thought possible. What a wonderful end to all that we go through down here even in some cases in the very sanctuary of our gathering together to worship.

All of our bodies will be incorruptible and perfectly beautiful without any hint of pain, or sorrow, or disease or deformity of any kind. No one is blind there. No one is crippled there. No one has a mental disorder or learning disability. No one has a phobia or evil condition there without end. Everyone will trust everyone else, and everyone that trusts will be loved, and everyone that loves will do so to the utmost and in perfection.

But if not and we need life again there is the River of Life to drink from to restore us to life and there will be no more war for the leaves of the Tree of Life will heal any differences that would have come about in any of the nations there. Even the aliens of the universe will look on in awe and beg our Lord to make them like we are; the ones that are left anyway; and he will and do so gladly in his generous love even for them that might have scared us half to death by their appearances should we have seen them before we became like him and love them as much as he will.

But here in Bemidji in the here and now there is a man with an insatiable desire to have sex with any woman he can find that will. His thoughts are those of the demon some devil has given him that drives him relentlessly to think of very little else. No relationship is not threatened by his efforts and he doesn’t care whose relationship he brings trouble, heartbreak and sadness to. And there seems to be no love in that man or in his women.

He brags about his exploits and tries to make other men who might have had some affection for such a women envious or jealous. He was trouble to my spirit for he ruined my good relationship with a married woman whose husband was my friend. After learning of their little tryst I was appalled and felt like I needed a spiritual gas mask to be in either one of their company and since I was in a relationship at the time I felt that even my relationship was in danger.

He and the woman’s husband were best friends. I was just an acquaintance he seemed to be friendly with.

Lord help me, even now that I am a new person after being created all over again I still am not sure how to love such a man nobody else does. I pity him too much to love him for pity drives out true caring. It is as if he were a dying enemy and I had two shiny new pennies to put on his eye lids. I can’t help but wonder whether I would save my money rather than waste even two cents to make his corpse even look more at peace rather than just staring lifelessly at the fires of torment.

Father if we are to love them reveal something to us that will cause us to have compassion on their dead souls. How do we help such traitors of the heart? Even the hearts of others see their error and their violation of each other and even human decency not to mention their transgressions against everyone his women or him come in contact with or that even hear about what they did?

I know they exploit each other and demean themselves in the eyes of everyone they don’t even try to hide it from but-

The perishing become angry or disrespectful to such people but they were created in your image also. We are mandated to love them. But how? Betrayers, especially betrayers of intimacy are difficult for me Lord. These Judases betray anyone in the blink of an eye for a purely animal pleasure that if they had a conscience at all they could never enjoy.

My heart bleeds for him and for the many women that have joined him but it is difficult not become cynical even knowing that such a demon in human flesh walks about free among us all in the name of liberation and doing it because he can, like the infamous ex-President Clinton and it is, at his age, just what he does now and always has done.

He seems to like me though. He seeks me out when I am in the way and goes out of his way to be friendly with me, but I do not condone what he does anymore than what those who throw their brains away on meaningless grand knowledge that is only a distraction as would be anything unreal like a reader of sexy romance novels and will become less than nothing spiritual in their end.

Forgive me Lord. I have never witnessed a word about you in his presence. Forgive me and help me do better. Amen. Thank you Jesus for becoming sin for me and suffering for my sins. If I will fail to love him again even as I do now, please send some living brother to witness to him for I fear for a holy sister to come anywhere near such a snake in Earth. When people behave as the demon they think of as their own self now though it was nothing but a malignancy of a devil’s imagination borrowed to them to destroy them for their thoughts are identical, how are we the living to deal with it?

We have to love them by your mandate. We are not allowed to kill their bodies, or destroy them in any fashion but love them and help them though we find everything about their demonic behavior atrocious and offensive to us in every way. If he has not become the demon of his distraction already help him and be gracious unto him. He is well known for what he does. He just seems to take pleasure in what he does to the point he doesn’t care how despicable he is in the eyes of all who know of him even you.

How long O Lord before I see him again and have to deal with him again? I dread the time as I much as I once dreaded going to court before I was made new and all things became new. I have to turn him over to you at present anyway. May you find a way to help him at least hear the good news one more time, for I pity anyone going where he is going with nothing in me that might help him.

It is like standing by a wounded man who had been robbed and beaten on the roadside and unfortunately in his case I do not seem to be much of a Samaritan and it brings me sorrow to think how many times I have failed you after what I have caused you to go through on my behalf. The hateful spirit I had become was as bad or worse and yet you bandaged my wounds, took me to an inn and even helped me deal with my demons and healed my mind, my body and spirit as well as my heart.

This is still there.

I beg of you Jesus help me hate his sin but love him and his woman, the sinners to their pathetic end if necessary. O God that I was already like the one I shall meet face to face at the time this body is rendered completely inactive forever and lies rotting in a grave or turns to ashes in some crematorium. How I desire to to be perfect like you. It is like a craving I cannot control and a longing that seems to be taking so very long to reach fruition. I humbly ask you to change whatever needs to be changed in me, in those like me to help anyone you bring from the other way down the path.

All that is required of us is to say words to the affect of, “Turn around. Heaven is in the opposite direction.” But sometimes the simplest commands like, “Don’t eat the fruit of that tree or it will kill you,” or even, “Now just scream forever,” are the hardest to obey. Thank you for the reminder that I am still a person with preferences and therefore in Earth prejudices. I humbly come to you and ask you to do whatever is necessary to change me, to heal me of memories that cause this to be so, to help me be far better at being a saint than I ever was as at being a dead man. Amen.

Prepare me in Earth to be that I will be in heaven especially the New Earth that I too may come and go through the open gates of the Holy City where nothing and no one will enter that is abominable in any way at my leisure. And remove this dread at even seeing that man or that woman. Amen.

Note: This morning the woman I spoke of joined me on a bench downtown before I started the rewrite of this entry from last night. She was nice enough to remember me and we talked a while. We are not close and haven’t been for a long time now. But may the Lord forgive her. She is still with her husband. I don’t think he ever knew what she did with the womanizer. But how many times has she done it?

God’s shadow was there again last evening. He knew this was coming and he prepared me for it. He is yet between what is and what is to come as always.

My dad was a womanizer and I suppose I was too in my younger years. The American culture is so-? So repulsive to me now in so many ways as it was most of my time being dead but now it is different somehow. One can forgive people, but how does one forgive an entire culture that died. God bless America and make all of her aliens who have defamed her name a little like you any way you can. And forgive the woman and the womanizer. To me they are still one in infamy and once my friend she is not what she was; all that time being dead, a walking corpse of a spirit even as he is. Amen.

Oh for the outrage, fear and anger it causes even the dead and the sadness and heartbreak among the living. She knows that I know and that she wounded me and they cause pain in the emotions of the dead and suffering in the souls of the living, even some people they never knew that even heard about it. What must it have done to them?

Hold me in your arms today Father. I am still but a babe.


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