6/9/2016 From your king Bemidji

There is an alien that follows his intellect to fathom the wonders of heaven and earth and ignores the truth of God, the snake! He is not realizing that it is true that even in alien planets the surface is flat to them the same as the surface of earth is flat to you. The rest is an illusion. His brain is in error. He pursues truths that only his brain interprets that way, things I never intended his brain to ponder, things too grand for an angel let alone a man to really know. He trusts his intellect and his brain has become his idol leading him to places that do not exist in the way he has reasoned they do or that his calculus has proven for him when all it was, is a sophisticated language the Devil invented to fool them.

When they went into the macro-environment of space they might have seen me had they taken me with them. When they went down into the micro-environment had they taken me with them they might have seen me also, again only had they taken me with them. But all they needed to do was ask me to show them such things.

Has not your king Bemidji stood on the surface of Venus and Mars with me and approached distant planets they have not yet fathomed, but he is no great learned scientist. He just asked and I took him there. He saw them on TV years later. Has your king went to the wee places and seen things that cannot be imagined for they are real like the width, height, and length the weest shadow casts on the perfect surface of the gold floor beneath my throne. He asked and I took him there. Does he not know for I have shared it with him that even there is a place large enough for me to create another earth within the cube of a shadow’s essence.

How can a scientist measure the height, width and length of my spirit or the essence of the Holy Spirit? If you can think of it, imagine it, believe it is there, I can show it to you. Ask me but don’t just examine what is there for you to discover wherever your unbelief in me leads you while chasing the inspiration of aliens like the Devil. There is nothing there that can save your planet or heal your diseases without consequences or the nightmares the Devil gives you that they once called demons. Nothing that is real is any more real than the earth and the men and women I created on the sixth day and all that I created before that. It is forever very very good.

The imagination of the Devil is nearly unlimited. He has one third of the angels that believe him and their intellects to draw upon. Do you think you will ever finish with the lies he will give you to tell? There is nothing real I did not make and all of it is good. There is no truth that does not testify of me.

But there is only one Spirit I may be found in, the Holy Spirit. Yet you wanted to follow your intellect. Was I not there before you pursued it and am I not there after you arrived at your conclusions? Am I not the first and the last, the Alpha and the Omega who is allowing you to chase the lies of the Devil that say I was not there, that I am not there when he takes you to a real place whether back in time, in the wee places of the present, and in places that will be in the future? I was there before, I am there yet and I will be there even after you give up chasing his lies as if they were a grand adventure that will cure whatever I have placed upon you because you believe his lies.

Any good you may do has come from me, any evil from him. Is it any different for you than it was for Adam? Are you any more or less gullible than Eve? Nothing changes anything. Only I can take you to what has not changed where Eden is in my memory, where the primal nothingness is that I alone could change and did change for good. Do you know how to make a planet out of nothingness? Yet you believe the Liar as to how this one was made by what appears to have been the cause which you cannot prove but must believe for he does not know either for he was never there. He doesn’t have the faith.

Why do you persist in learning his lies? Why not turn to me and I will give you everlasting life and real things you may truthfully testify to in my Spirit? I created you in our image. But you create nothing and believe lies. Are you not worthless junk the way you are working out?

If you created a supercomputer that produced nothing that was true, led you to no real conclusions but was corrupted by false input, how long would you put up with it before you junked it? Do you not then temp me to junk you? Your spirit is a giant trash heap? Be very careful you do not tempt me beyond my patience with you.

You have sent a single electron into heaven. Is that all the light you have in you? But you did it in ignorance. Are you awake to me yet? Some of you are talking of new dimensions. Will I go wherever you think that is also? How many more distractions will you pursue following your intellect with no heart and only a blind willingness to go wherever whenever he inspires you to go there by yet one next lie? You would think with the great intellects I gave some of you that you would have created a sister planet on the other side of the sun in this length of time with robots that have far greater intellects than you you can imagine, but you have been retarded in your efforts by his constant distractions.

I made you to care for Creation and to continue my work and tend to all I made and that you have created; the making of first one perfect thing then another; then uncountable others. You have created not one single perfect thing. But you are still discovering Mayflies on the gas station’s windows and you are delighted. Why don’t you do something, even one thing that matters?

I am amazed at what you have done. But is God? Was there any lasting glory for him in any of it? When you do not begin with knowing God how might you learn to think, say, do or feel in his persona not to mention his Spirit? I am happy with what you have done but you give the evil ones in far away places the idea you do not even know God by doing such things as they have long since been led by the Devil to do.

How much trouble is he getting you into or how much tribulation awaits you? I will go with you unless God spares me from knowing of your wars even with them here and among the stars. But what of the dangers from even others you call aliens with dangers you cannot conceive of that have never shown any ability to love him though he made them also just as he made the earth and you?

When you at last need him, and you will, will you call upon him yourselves or expect us to call upon him for you? What will you do when the fruit of your Godlessness is ripened and falls or rises to the surface of your place in earth? Unless everything I know is wrong it will be noisome and noxious to your system for it is the fruit of him who brought you to this place.

Be very careful whom you annoy here, and with whom you are obnoxious therefore. You are the strangers in this place, not them. Will you also destroy them and their cultures as you did those you thought savages when you spread all over the earth in God’s Name led by your lust for power and your greed inspired by the Devil which they all well know?

You are as naked people running around wild in the dusty plains trying to hide your unseemly parts for everyone with little more than your technology to see. Need I be a prophet to tell you that? You didn’t know what was out there. Now you will, but will you be able to decipher what is lies and what is the truth you know nothing of for you have closed your eyes to it and plugged your ears that you might not hear it; not even one last time, a time you have long since tried in vain to forget? Were I not a Christian I would wish you good luck.

But what you think is a new beginning and a new era you are leading humanity into, is it a good beginning, or will evil people be welcomed inside a great pavilion where two out of three there will have pity on you and not bother you but what about the rest? How may the evil care for you if they do not know God or care for him? What difference are you to them? They know what you are already and who has led you to them; the Devil.

You are as a nine year old runaway in a large city wearing every sign that says that you are a wicked little bitch already. Are you thinking even as you read this I am crazy and you are safe? Where is your Father? Where is your Brother that he might save you from yourself even yet? You are an independent spirit you boast but really the truth is that you have just never once shown good judgment. Do you think it would do God any good to warn you to be careful that you don’t wind up a sex slave in a child pornography ring or just another lost soul sold into white slavery?

I will, and I have anyway.

God tried to save you, but you would have no part of him and fled back into a blazing inferno, an act of your own freewill, though he had called you out of it. Again if I were not a Christian I would say, “Good luck with that.” But as a Christian I stand by in the safety of his loving arms and weep for the loss of your soul.

It was such a pity you older ones that have long since been taken to new homes in heaven to be with our Father, our Savior Brother, in the Spirit our family has always obeyed and when you did not you were forgiven were you not though you didn’t realize it yet? Help us here who yet must stand by the inferno helplessly weeping for the loss of their souls with your prayers and supplications for our souls are heavy unto dying for them; pray unto the God of all to keep us alive or make martyrs of us too. Amen.


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