6/10/2016 From your king Bemidji AM

Satan has begun to raise up an army against you though they think their enemy is the children of God. You said you were a city on a hill and very well fortified. But they break through your defenses on every side. No one but God can stop them.

But you will not cry out to them. You are of an independent spirit you think when you have done a great evil and are like a newly lain egg in the hen house and the farmer desires your young. Do you imagine they will wait until you have hatched, or take it and feed it to their bed and breakfast guests?

It is just a foretaste that tickles your nose now and makes your eyes water now. Wait until God fills your extra large plastic cup with his wrath and forces you to drink every last drop. You have no walls. Your soldiers sleep on watch. The enemy slips by and strikes fear and outrage in you hearts. But Satan has been allowed to do what he is doing though he is conceited and thinks he does it on his own. Yet he is powerless should God desire to stop him.

Therefore this is that you should do: Lift up your voices and cry out to Jesus whom you have forgotten, to the Father you swear does not exist, or does not care to get involved in your troubles. You are right. Jesus has forgotten you. He has put distance between you and what they did to him on Calvary and comes with great anger. The Father does not exist for you. He has turned his eyes to something more important than a culture of corpses. To you it is as he never was, is not now, and never will be. You are right in that. For you there is no God. And the Spirit does not care about you any longer. He has turned himself to enlightening those few that will yet respond when he enlightens them. You are no concern of his. You are right for God exists but he doesn’t care what happens to you. He will soon no longer be listened to for it matters not to him what happens to the evil, wicked, unbelievers that will stay that way anymore than the price of a transistor radio in a supercomputer shop. He will leave the likes of you behind at let you wait at the counter while he waits on someone looking at the supercomputers.

But the enemy without, those from other planets have been involved since the beginning of the woman God made. They are huge and scary like reptilians, small in stature but skilled pilots that have lost only one ship. But they are only the beginning.

Where there is a corpse in the dessert the vultures will gather to steal even the tendons and chip away at the cartilage and peck at the marrow. Then the hyenas and wild dogs will come next to crush the bones to get at the marrow before the dung beetles even devour the dung, and the other bugs even carry away the blood that coagulated in the Savannah’s sands. Then will come the heat and the cold, the winter and summer, the dry season under the baking sun, and the rainy season will wash away what is left and dissolve away all the calcium, and in the end you will be as the dust God made Adam from, for you are but dust to him and like robots with computers that continually give only wrong answers and incorrect responses to the keypad. Oh, that you really had been but junk, some of it might have been recycled.

Do I prophesy?

I know God. Your ancestors once screamed praises when he was glorious when he had done something in the midst of them that only God could do. There is nothing you can do now but raise up your voices to the God you have forgotten, to the God who has turned away from you, and to the God who is no longer concerned whether you even exist. Perhaps one of them will remember you, or glance your way, or hear such a marvelous thing for it certainly would be unusual and a rarity.

Beg God to be gracious unto you for they give grace to the undeserving. You could, but you won’t. They have already seen that the Devil has begun to destroy your planet with you in it. He has taken God out the way of the vast majority as if he had been your god the entire way but he tricks you into believing it is God who is doing it and not him.

Jesus wept over Jerusalem. Can you imagine how he bawled over the end of the entire earth? Dear brothers and sisters, don’t just pray for them, weep for your time is coming soon but their time has come at last. Soon we won’t know whom to pray for. Their spirits are dead. They will become altogether wicked even as they are already and their restart buttons won’t work any longer. If they did they would merely wake up and give erroneous readouts and display unrecognizable random patterns again. They have changed.

Watch. For it looks to me like hell is coming to earth. Death and destruction are everywhere among us, and God is doing nothing about it, the Spirit is not wasting his time to enlighten them as to that they are doing. Jesus is their only hope, but will even you believe it is he when he rides into Jerusalem to take the reins of ruling the entire earth. Will even we think him to be the Devil even as the bastardized Jews did when he came here last time? Will there be any faithful left?

We will never live to see it for if we did we would never live through it. Pray the rapture is real, pray those who have prophesied it have their prophesies honored and were not false prophets. Yet pray not, “Our Father…” but “Be ready for the end is at hand!” and pray it doesn’t come in the winter.

Is there yet time? Or not…

The shadow of God’s hand is between us and his light, but the thunder in heaven has told me these things are on top of it. Lift up your hand. Shade your eyes from its brightness, the brightness of a solar eclipse, do not look at it or you will go blind. How long until you must look down and know that the light of God is on its way and no hand can shield the eyes of your spirit from it. Is it not already upon us? Haven’t we heard the thunder of the great far away star they say created the universe? They heard it. But they could not understand what it said, or what it meant. It was a voice from heaven prophesying this very end they think is a new and glorious beginning.

But those in the past followed your missionaries. These people Lord are led by the Devil who seeks only to kill them and destroy the earth with them in it. Take me home if I see it correctly. Let us watch it happen from above though there is no need. Not one of your prophets from Adam to John declared a single thing that did not come true in its end. It is not an analogy or parallel of what is in the end. You can see it is true by the Holy Spirit.

Glorious God prepare your Son in his coming, set up his kingdom beforehand that he may takeover immediately upon his arrival in all parts of the earth. Let us mourn for they are dead, not just a few Father, but all of them that were with Satan like those in the end at Armageddon. It is time in my heart already, my brain and therefore my mind believe it is soon upon us, and if in any way I can assist in its coming let it be, LORD; let it be. Amen.

Oh, my holy brothers and sisters pray for me, my heart is heavy my soul is next to death, for I have seen it: The beginning and the end, Jesus Christ’s face and the face of the LORD, and have felt the Holy Spirit as he surrounded me. Pray for the saints, that none of them perish. But pray for yourselves that you might endure, that the rapture is true, for judging from what I saw, not one of us can survive it, only the saints from the tribulation will be here to take over the fight and they will all be martyred to go to war behind our glorious Lamb in heaven to send the Devil to the very earth he is even now at this very moment destroying. Thank you. For I know that you will pray for me. Amen.


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