6/11/2016 From the king of Bemidji Evening

Let me see if I can make it more clearly understood by you?

Reality has always been that it is. Whatever was when there was nothing else but it, it was still reality. That reality is what God was before he created heaven and earth. His very name, I AM THAT I AM, explains it. He is what he was before he created everything that is real to us in any way as his name implies. It is not I AM WHO I AM, but I AM THAT I AM. He was completely all that reality had ever been, is, and will be forever.

The Holy Spirit was just like him and a part of him. Jesus Christ was just like that also. And the Father, was too. Three persons in one person, all reality can ever be, is, and will ever be.

But at his own discretion he decided to create both heaven and earth at the same time, is the simple way to understand it. But if you are more capable of understanding it, it is better to say he made them in the same instance or that as he made the one the other was also made. Like carving a a duck, a duck is formed and a pile of wood or sawdust is made at the same time. They are made in the same instance. It was kind of like that except God was making something out of nothing we can comprehend as being anything for we are not God and making them both very good. He was making the earth and changing nothing by the doing of it, and making heaven with everything we was doing to make earth. Another way to look at it is that when he made the earth he was changing the universe that tiny bit and both the universe was becoming something other than what it was and the earth was becoming something that had never been in the universe before in the same actions and they were very good.

They were both becoming what they are, real. But in that no one but God could have stopped it becoming what it is even now becoming it is a done deal and he did it, just as what we think does not change our reality which is what God actually created, but when someone teaches us something it changes what we think and they are responsible for what they teach us whether what they taught us was correct or in error, the same as we either learned it correctly or learned something other than they taught us because we either didn’t get it or we got something from their lesson they never intended for us to get out of it and therefore walked away from the lesson having not learned but having made an error in our mind.

God knows everything there is to know from beginning to end. We don’t so it is his responsibility to teach us what he knows, but we don’t always get it or get it in error. He does what he has to for us to get it and to straighten us out on any error and takes care of the consequences to that error because he is good and perfect and it will go very wrong for us if we don’t get it perfect which when we do get it without any errors it is good, he is good and we are good.

He may not have taught us how to make our reality conform to the reality he made for us yet, but if we don’t even believe he is there, ignore that he’s there, or intentionally do whatever we think is the way we want to do things, correct or in error, how can he make us what he started out to make us, which was like him?

He never made anything that wasn’t perfect including us. We could have been what he was doing by obeying him until such time we were exactly like him, but he knows that since it was possible to think of doing it some other way, someone would do that on purpose to someone else and teach them something that was incorrect on purpose and doing that is not to be like him at all and anyone that would do such a thing could never be trusted not to do it again. How can we be like him and do things some other way? We can’t.

But since he has always been real even when he was all there was to be real and it was the best way to do anything and always good and always the one correct thing to do, he would be evil to make us suffer and pay the price for what we were doing and not even care by just letting us be like them that wanted to be something other than he is since there always was only one way to do it, is now only one way to do, and will always be only one way to do it and have it all work out so it wasn’t just good enough but perfect, the way he made us to be in the first place, the way he made everyone to be before they started messing things up by making others miserable and being mean and miserable to them and themselves too just by doing that.

When we get it right we aren’t miserable but blown away by how absolutely perfect and wonderful it is to have it be perfect and amazingly enjoyable and enjoying it to the utmost possible for anyone even God. But if we don’t even try or intentionally do the wrong thing or even just get it wrong even if we don’t realize we did it wrong we wind up miserable sooner or later if he doesn’t take care of it somehow.

When we make a mistake or someone tricks us into doing something wrong he will make it right before it’s over. It may take from the second one of us all the way to the last but he will make it right in the end for us if we let him. If we don’t obey and just do it some other way and stick to our guns the only way he can fix that is by removing us from the equation and forgetting we ever were like that and making us what little bit of perfection can yet make of us.

But if we do it some other way on purpose and then change our minds and ask him to fix what we’ve done he can start over with us and teach us the only there is not to do it again by allowing him to make us what we were to begin with again and even changing what we did into something good.

But since we are talking about love here he can’t force us to change. He can make it right with everyone we ever did the wrong thing to despite us, but he can’t force us to love him; that isn’t love. You just can’t order someone to love you. God can make you so you can love him and even tell you to love him, but he has to leave it totally up to you or it’s not perfect love, it really isn’t love at all because the only kind of love there is, is the kind that lasts forever and if he forces you to love him in any way it won’t last if it even starts to take shape; not forever.

Do you get it? I did and I’m not a genius or anywhere near it. I was just a guy who had made himself totally miserable when he showed it to me and I finally got it right just now.

But I know I can’t do it. Not on my own I can’t do it. I have to have him show me what to do, say, think or even allow myself to feel so I can do all that. But the day will come when I can. It won’t be until I get to heaven but then it will be a lot easier than here for we have so many messing things up it gets confusing as to what the correct thing to do in order to be like him is.

I know I’ll mess up. I’m not perfect yet. But when I do it, it will make me feel bad even if I do it on purpose. Then I will have to ask him to forgive me and he will but he might punish me or chastise me, and it’s hard not to want to turn away from that, and yet it’s the only way to learn sometimes.

But when he chastises you it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. He does it for your own good and to help you learn to be perfectly good like he is. Even when he punishes you or gets angry and really punishes you, if you show him you are sorry and that you meant to do it but you’ve changed your mind or even just want to change your mind about what you’ve done he will go through with you just like he will be with you in everything else.

He will be right there rooting for you to endure it. He loves you. No matter what you’ve done besides lie to the Holy Spirit he will help you through the consequences of it but he might not change them because consequences make very good punishments some times when they aren’t too harsh given what you’ve done.

Sometimes just letting you pay the consequences especially when you thought beforehand that was all there would be to it, is enough and the just and merciful thing to do. He will add to them a chastisement or a worse punishment than you could have imagined he would because that’s not like him either to do something wrong even though you are willing to pay the consequences. That’s a major sin. He may make things tough for you for quite a long time if you get to doing it too often or even now and again over a long enough span of time. He hates that. It goes against doing what he wants you to do and you can’t do it unless you do it on purpose.

Are you still confused?

The rules are the same for everybody except those who won’t or don’t see and there can be a lot of reasons for that. I’ve explained it all I can. Maybe I explained it to death and your got bored and had trouble paying attention and it’s my fault. Try not to be too hard on me.

God can do anything. He’ll get it across to you somehow. Maybe he will have to micromanage your life for you until you finally get it right if you don’t give up on him and won’t try to see what the lesson really is by what’s happening to you. Don’t give up. This is just the way I learn best. He knows the way to get it across to you and clear up your confusion or who’s fault it is you aren’t getting it.

When I had that dead spirit in me I was scared to death when he showed me what was going on for when he talked to it I thought he was talking to me and he wasn’t being all that nice to it. It had been in me so long I thought it was me when all the time it wouldn’t listen to him and kept doing things with me I would never do that just weren’t right at all. He was going crazy in there. He kept saying things like, “That isn’t even my face,” in profound distress when I would just look in the mirror and I would feel his emotions and all. I really thought he was me going crazy.

Just think, it was all that damned devil’s fault. He tricked us both into it. And he talked me into forgiving him too even after all that by making out I was being too harsh on him to send him to torment. God wouldn’t throw him in torment yet anyway. He still had uses for him.

I had a hard time with that. To think God was allowing that damned thing, literally, to come against someone else, even someone who was like I had once been that didn’t love Jesus. We have to accept Jesus knows what is best at all times in all situations, especially those of us that can hear them or even see them or understand what they are doing though we can’t really see them or hear them when they do it just right and trick us into thinking they are someone they’re not, even Jesus.

You don’t have to see them, hear them or even just know they are there to be like Jesus. It’s just the way God made us and the way he made others not the same as we are. They are not just something you made up. They are not just an error in the way your brain works either. Nothing is. That’s a lie that came from one of them that are tricking you into making a chump of yourself all the time, making you think it was your idea when all along it was theirs.

Work with Jesus on it. I know he can help you out with it. But if you won’t, so long as you don’t change your mind about that you’re stuck with what little the shrinks can do for you. But it either won’t work or it will but it will never work perfectly. They just cannot ever seem to resist what they tell them or inspire them either.

Of course I never knew one that had his own spirit back and was made brand new either. You might try that. They probably pray for you a lot or have you pray about it. Praying to Jesus is just talking to him in a prescribed manner they think is the right way. It’s better to have your own prayer life though and don’t buy into all those cure-all type things. If it comes from Scripture and if it is applied correctly that’s one thing but if you’ve got them who are trying to trick you or have it all wrong because some of them tricked them just talk to Jesus. Tell him what you need even if it’s only what you think you need.

People say he doesn’t always answer prayers but that’s not true. Someone tricked them on that. Some people say he says, “Yes, no or wait,” but that’s wrong too. They don’t believe Scripture when they say things like that and Jesus won’t ever go against Scripture no matter how hard it is for you to understand what you think you got out of it was not correct. He can’t make a mistake and he never gets anything the wrong way but sometimes he knows more about what you’re thinking or saying than you do.

Trust him. He says, “Yes,” and, “Yes.” They have to come up with a lot of confusing word games to prove what they say is a fact. Watch that, when they come up with the rest of that nonsense too. If you ask him for something you just imagine is something, he might not give you what you want but he will give you something real instead of it. If you ask for something you think there is nothing wrong with it, he might even allow that, but usually he gives you something that shows you just how wrong what you asked him for was, and that is definitely something better by far. If you are just a gimme pig and always want things from him all the time and you don’t need any of them, he might just chastise you for even asking. This may be difficult for some of you to understand but that is definitely something far better than feeding your appetite for things that just feed your appetite even for just asking for things. He always says, “Yes.” That’s the Scripture. Read it for yourself.

Sometimes you have to ask him about what he gave you or you have to be really on your toes to see it. Jesus never gives you what you ask for but something better. If you’re naughty some times he will not only give you what you asked for, but something better than you ask for it is his way even then if you can understand that. It’s a little difficult to explain but when you mature a little more you will understand it probably.

Just don’t think he’s saying no, or wait even though some things take a while to give you; the better they are the longer it seems though. But he never says, “No,” to anything. It might be better explained that he says instead, “Here I’ll give you something even better,” and it always is when you understand it.

See it now? Stay calm. Trust Jesus. He can and does do anything even what seems to us to be impossible. Nothing is impossible to him. Even changing you to the point you can understand things the way he does by doing a lot of things that lead up to you understanding it perfectly. Like always being grateful for everything he gives you, does for you, says to you, brings to your mind, and for what he has already done for you, is doing for you and will do for you; it’s all perfect and good.

Most of it doesn’t take faith or a magic formula. Just being you is more than enough for Jesus to delight working with you to make you like him. Don’t be afraid of him, but don’t ever get the idea he’s just fooling with you. He ain’t. This is very serious business.

You like to laugh? Don’t expect him to tell you a joke. He may leave you laughing but it will be because you are happy or so full of joy you just feel like laughing. That is enough for you but some times even something very serious can seem funny to you, like Sarah having her first baby while in her nineties with Abraham a 100 years old. She laughed. But God did it anyway, didn’t he?

Now then as for self-esteem, how does making you king of your hometown like he did me strike your fancy? Without Jesus I have no self-esteem. With him even just being in my corner I don’t need any. In fact self-esteem comes with obeying him and doing things his way.

Loving others especially those who don’t or won’t believe in him is painful. You never get used to it and he won’t allow himself to either. Life is too precious to train yourself to have anything you won’t get from Jesus. You gotta love him!

But I can’t wait to go to sleep now. My body is really beat. But I just love him and the Father and especially the Holy Spirit so much I just went on and on, didn’t I? Well that happens sometimes if you really love somebody and delight in everything they are and everything they do and he always does all things well.


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