6/11/2016 From the king of Bemidji Early

Dear Lord Jesus I appeal to the Spirit that was with Jesus of Nazareth to assist me in being an apostle to those with any disturbance of their mind, often labeled mentally ill by Satan and those who accept his terms. How else can he hope to discredit me and my ambitions which I have, a longing to fulfill while I am here in Earth though I could just wait until I see you when at last I am taken home to heaven with you to be like you and with you forever and ever.

Fight along with me Jesus of Nazareth to clear up any and all confusion in those held captive by Satan in this manner. Then I know my ambitions will be a success as your appointed king of Bemidji and my hope is to save as many captives as possible for I also was held captive in that way. Give place to those who are now saved and who will be saved by the following entries is my prayer. Amen.

Let’s begin.

This journey began in Brainerd State hospital when I sincerely asked a Mennonite chaplain about the relationship between God and man in my confusion while incarcerated for alcohol related charges as mandated by the Court of Beltrami County, in Minnesota, a state in the United States of America in the planet Earth. Let us discover that Jesus before we conclude this line of thought which I do not expect to be concluded in one single entry by any stretch of my imagination. If I am not saved or if that is even a requirement please save me. If so or if not consider that I write as in your holy name, Jesus of Nazareth.

In the holy name of Jesus of Nazareth the man and Jesus Christ the God believe that he has answered your request to have the spirit you were given also given back to you creating you new whether it was originally in the womb or at conception or before that even. After we have gone a ways I would like to hear your take on it, and I am sure that the Holy One of God will clear that up for us as we go along.

You were holy then and not in need of salvation, pure in every way as was Jesus of Nazareth at conception which I believe then is when the Holy Spirit first came into your life also, a life planned by God to be in his likeness or image.

You had no fear at that time. You were alive and responsive to God who formed you. You were his likeness in humanity’s form in Earth for you would be born if he had his way and he always has his way.

But it is not that simple obviously or there would be no one murdered before copulation or before conception or during the fetal stage or stages or at the time of your birth. I am certain Satan would have liked to murder Jesus of Nazareth if he could think of a way to manipulate Yahweh to allow it which there was no way for it to happen for Jesus of Nazareth was also Jesus Christ, holy God.

In Jesus’ case he could be considered as had he already been born for there was no way to stop it by anyone or to bring any injury or complication into his conception and consequent growth in Mary’s womb or his birth. God was there at all times every moment of the way as each gene and chromazone and cell was formed and fit exactly the human DNA of Jesus of Nazareth precisely as Yahweh had planned and facilitated by the Holy Spirit and his spirit, both human and God was there in that beginning.

Thus he was so born, perfect in all his ways, a perfect human baby and perfectly God the entire way even as he was born. Where God is there is no evil and no part of Jesus of Nazareth was evil or even affected by evil or ever would be though it would be that he would not be for a time in hell only to emerge from hell on the third day more glorious than ever triumphant over everything God could throw at him that he would, before even those in hell and all evil everywhere had to admit he was the Son of God, Jesus, both Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ, holy God. Rejoice with us all the world, all angels, and all of humanity whether born in or outside the womb. The perfect Lamb of God was in Earth with us, Immanuel, God with us.

Jesus’ mind however was considered disturbed on more than one occasion. His own family came to where he was preaching and sought to bring him home thinking he was beside himself. Have you ever been told that, or knew people thought that about you? Jesus has too. Upon another occasion he was disturbed enough that he even sweat drops of real blood.

So what did he do? He worked it out with his Father, our Father, and his God and ours the same as we may. He knew the Father’s will concerning the death he would die and what was to come after it and he didn’t want to do it. However though he was disturbed he never wavered and in the end worked it out in a cerebral manner that there was no other way and submitted to the Father’s will.

The other time he cried out, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” To me that means he did neither consider himself a man saved by God, nor a God at that point. And he was neither. He was headed for hell and no man or woman in hell has the support of God while they are there.

God would have no place in hell so he willingly gave up being God so that Jesus of Nazareth might go there by himself, alone. Jesus Christ was not there but as had he never been and Jesus of Nazareth was there but innocent in hell taking upon himself every sin every human ever to be had, did or ever would commit and paid the full price for every one of them, all God could throw at him.

When it was completed in perfection he rose, Jesus Christ was resurrected and the two that were one, were one again only gloriously triumphant over all God could throw at him to his glory and to his Father’s glory because of the perfect task of making him the Holy Spirit created and completed when Jesus of Nazareth conquered death and could be understood to have triumphed over every evil in Earth for there would be because of that no place for the Devil in heaven and all he could do on Earth merely convicted him as unfit for Earth also and only fit for torment forever after that.

Our struggles can be overcome by the power of God in the name of Jesus of Nazareth and the power of Jesus Christ, our God and Savior. There is then one greater than anything God might allow us to do, the Devil might throw at us, or that we may create to do that is evil by mistake or design. Jesus can and will save us from anything even human error if we do not permanently turn away from him. We are never powerless. All we have to do is believe in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus Christ, the perfect Lamb of God, and our God even as the Holy Spirit is God and the Father is God. Three persons all God one person, the perfect persons of the Trinity.

When we do everything God would have us do perfectly, when our spirit is perfectly in line with God, when all of our power is in line with God we are a god like God which no man in Earth but Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus Christ in his spirit ever was, who was then and then was not but now is again and will be forever after what he did.

It can and will happen to you and therefore has happened to you for no one can stop it if you take God up on his offer to save you from any wrong you might do against God, any wrong you might do against yourself, or anyone else by just realizing it is all taken care of for you by Jesus of Nazareth.

If you don’t do that your confusion will never cease when at last upon the death of your body it becomes perfectly clear what the facts have been all along the way and you realize then there never was any need to be confused and have to deal with what has either been forgiven you or if you choose what you still have to pay for since you cannot even then, though it sounds stupid, ever accept it in your spirit even with your new spiritual body which can experience anything even torment with sulfur burns and all forever and ever.

It’s a no-brainer. Accept it. What Jesus has done for you is not only true, it is real but you must believe it or pay the consequences. God has done all he can do and remain all that he is, in order to save you from those consequences with the rest being just believing. It is totally up to you.

Are you still confused. Don’t worry though that is to resist God. It may be because of the redundancy of that name you don’t know who I am talking about.


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