6/12/2016 From the king of Bemidji Afternoon

That was not very friendly,” you, a female spirit said to me after reading that I wrote last night though there was no physical body in my presence or in my home anywhere.

So there are those in heaven and earth and among the lost and the dead here that are yet with me even here in God’s dimension that do not understand. They saw the light that shined in the darkness in my dimension but they did not comprehend it. They sense I am here but they do not want to be here with me. They sense my power, they know who I am, and they understand my words but they do not love me and do not think I am someone they would ever like to know or have known.

Unless they change their mind and love me they sin against our God and against me their holy brother. Unless they obey God and forgive me, not just with their words while they harbor wicked feelings in their hearts and think, say and do unloving things toward me though I have done nothing wrong and do not need to be forgiven by them or by you holy God who created me, they cannot come here until they are once again right with you God even Jesus of Nazareth who loves me even as he loves them and they love you. When they ask you to forgive them and mean it, may the Holy Spirit enlighten them even as he has enlightened me that they might understand and be able to love me and be forgiven by both me and you once again when they have changed their mind about me and that I do here in my own dimension.

Then let them come too. Let them support me with their prayers and supplications before you my Father. Please Father do not let them despise me for long for though it seems I am unlovable I have done nothing to them.

My light that came from you they do not comprehend though they have you to call upon and ask you to forgive me for what I their holy brother merely seems to have done to them. Help them make a right judgment Father for you have not condemned me.

You love me, and you love them. Help those who love you also to love me even as I love them, and as I love you, my God for you love them also that they may be where I am when they desire or have need of my dimension that the dead may read and be not alone in their misery, that the lost may return to you, and that those in your dimension may see my light did not come from me but from you originally and then through me that they may sense me with their spirit, know me as I really am, and believe and turn or return to you. In the holy name of Jesus Christ I pray.

But do not condemn them for that they said to me or that they thought of me. They did not know what they were doing and have no guilt besides in my eyes nor in your eyes either for it was done in their ignorance, for you know also Father that they feel no guilt for where there is ignorance there can be no guilt and therefore no sin in their hearts or spirits. Take away the sin they did not know was sinful however and restore them to a right standing with you. Forgive them then Jesus Christ as you forgive me for any other sins we did not know were sins but enlighten us of that according to you righteous and loving discretion.

May the dead and the lost come to these entries and see there is love for them in my light that I will share it with them in this safe place I create for them that they may be in good standing with you also and receive your life in the dimension you call heaven which is where you have always been. May I always obey you that you may be here with me at all times and with any of them also very soon. Amen.

Now that my light has been restored to you, the lost and the dead of earth, come with me and let us commune in this way for this, my dimension is designed as much for you as it is for them though not many of them have need of it except that they might share it with you, for my loving light is for all people not just the sons and daughters of God. May the blind be blessed for they now see.

The light has returned, morning has come, and it is already noontime here. Rise, eat this bread and be full. This I give you in God’s dimension. Rest assured there is nothing evil in my dimension either and nothing evil will be allowed here that you may have a safe place to rest your spirit, soul, your mind and emotions and not have to be concerned about what you do.

You cannot come here except in spirit but you can return or seek out the God that created you likewise if you decide to do that. Heaven is a safe place also for those who are willing to partake of that bread also, the bread of the body of Jesus of Nazareth.

Feel free to follow me here in my dimension not being here presently as those I create here will be but as one looking down from above for it is not too late for you until the judgment to learn and come to understand. Do here as those here do, even us, speak here as we do and think as we do, for that is good any place you might be and there is no law against it in any land whether in heaven or in Earth.

Sense my spirit, the spirit in these entries and believe me, I am alive, I am real and it is true if you can accept that.


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