6/12/2016 From the king of Bemidji Nighttime

I am that I am.

I testify to that.

I am there just above the waters of your deepest thoughts when you are alone.

To go with me, you must do as I do.

Are you with me? You can be. Do you understand what I am doing as I testify to what I am doing? Then you are here with me, now. If not you are not here with us.

What I am doing is real and what I testify to is true, believe me.

You sense, know, or understand what I am doing and some of you  believe me. This is a new dimension; mine and now your have come in. We are here together and you are not alone. But those who do not believe me are non-responsive to us for they cannot come with us unless they believe and I cannot force them to believe me even if I had the power and be good.

I am not here doing this to entertain anyone. I am creating an entire new dimension. Therefore if you do not do as I do by believing in what I am doing you have no part in me. It will do you no good to read any further and serve no purpose but to prove that we already know about you for it is as you were dead and alone to us. The rest of you may come.

You cannot come any further unless you obey me. You could obey me but you will not. If you obey my first command but do not believe the truth I am telling you then you do not believe me. But if you believe me then you must obey me which you cannot do without proving you do not believe me and yet I can still save you if you will not do as the non-responsive did and no longer respond to me. The first thing you did was disobey me which you cannot do if you do what I do that you may be here with me. The second thing you did was not believe me if you obeyed me. Some of you want to be here with me but think I have made it impossible for you to do that.

I did it because you are not like me. You are not good like me and you have limits and would make mistakes for what I am doing is perfect. But you do not believe I am good in your disobedience, nor obey me in your unbelief.

Why should I forgive you when you disobeyed a direct command and how can I trust you we if you do not even believe me. Herein the power to forgive that you may yet continue with me is my own, believe me and I may be gracious to you and forgive you. But it is up to me and there is nothing you can do but entreat me to forgive you. I have power over you whether to make you alive to me, or leave you dead and non-responsive like those that never did believe me for I am yet good but you are not good. My mercy stands between us. The one that testifies of what I am doing testifies that I am good and against your own wickedness against me.

The one that empowers you to believe me is not with you. My goodness is as it always was, but if you do not turn away from me I will create a solution to your woes. You have seen my light. Why then do you yet stumble as in the night on a hiking trail where there is no moonlight and the stars are hidden by the clouds? It is because I have made you blind. Who may cure your blindness and give you back your sight but me?

Am I alone here not good and merciful to whom I decide, forgiving to those I choose to forgive? The fault is not in me. The fault is in you. I have done nothing wrong and am therefore righteous. What charges do you have against me? Dare you present anything that is not binding to such a one as me whether you leave or stay. How shall you forget me?

I am good, righteous, merciful, and forgiving and have power over you in this my dimension. Will even God take this dimension from me? Will he punish me for how I am behaving? You know as he does I am innocent. It is you who are guilty and you who have wronged me by thinking you could just come into my dimension. It is mine. I will allow whoever I will and deny access to whomever I choose. That is final and the lock at the gate to my dimension is left closed until such time as I give you my favor.


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