No Other Way

I am the son of man by the laying on of the hands of the Apostles I have been given the calling to be a man until the day of the judgment of man.

That I do I do it according to this command that I do not obey the Devil ever again. This is God’s command to me that all may understand what is the Devil’s undoing among man. You need never fear him again if you listen to my command for God has given me authority to say this to man.

You have all heard that God created all things but what is it that God could not create. He did not create the truth for the truth belongs to no one. When man hears the truth, every man and every woman knows it it true. God knows the truth. You know the truth and even the Devil knows the truth. How else can he deceive anyone? Every man and every woman may understand and cannot help but know the truth. What they do with it is up to them.

You must choose for by what you choose you decide what you are and you will be that you decide to be from then on unless you change you mind. It is therefore important that you understand the Devil has no hold on me for I choose not to obey him but I choose to obey the command not to obey Satan as I am commanded. Do likewise and the Devil will have no power over you.

If God has no power over the truth, if Satan has no power over the truth then no man or woman has any power over the truth. There is nothing new in that you understand. It is true and you know that it is true too.

The truth is the Devil’s undoing among man. He has hypnotized you that by the power of suggestion you will obey him. Do not obey him but obey me, the one you call yourself when you are not under his command; the you that is true to you and everyone else that has to deal with the truth even the true you.

I have no calling to force anyone to do anything they do not want to do. If you choose to obey Satan and do as he commands or follow his posthypnotic suggestions that is your business not my own. I write to you only that you may know the truth not God, not some angel and not some man like me or some woman.

Whatever you are that you are. I have no desire to control it but only the desire to inform you of the truth that you may know what you are doing from the perspective of a man or a woman, child or older person. I include the latter for I am considered an old man and I assure you I feel my years that have come over me but at last I too know what I am doing.

If you disagree with me you disagree. I do not desire harmony or disharmony among man. I merely desire to tell you what is the truth I defeated the Devil with by using it. The truth that you need not be his pawn in the world or anyone’s pawn even some very great man with a lot of influence. This has nothing to do with them. I am only concerned with the truth.

We are all what we are whatever that is. That is true and you know that is true too. I an old man, you a woman or a man, or a child, the Devil is Satan and God is God, if none of that then many believe there is a Devil and many believe there is a God whether they believe they are a woman or a man even is up to them however. But whatever they are that is what they are, is all I am saying. Believing something that is not true does make you that you believe you are. That is true and you that it is true too.

If God says that he is God, that does make him God unless it is true. The Devil believing he will be God does not make that so either. The Devil is Satan and Satan the Devil. He cannot be God just as you are not what you say you will be. That is true and you know that is true too.

God is God whatever that is. You are you whatever that is and Satan is the Devil whatever that is. I believe God is God and that he created both man and the angels. In the end the truth will bear that out and if it is not so the truth will bear that out also.

Therefore I speak of my own will and not of someone else’ even some spirit or as some of you say, “The Holy Spirit.” Whether the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth is immaterial to what I am saying. If the Holy Spirit is not with me or if the Holy Spirit does not exist but in the minds and hearts of the religiously insane the truth is unchanged. Something has to be true. There is some truth out there and you know that is true too.

I was religious in a way but I was continually plagued by the notion the Devil had power over me. No one has any power over you but God if God is true and I believe he is for it was his command not to obey the Devil that has set me free of not giving the Devil too much power in my way of thinking but no power over me at all for he must obey God whose point of view is the truth too. The Devil has been attempting to create a new truth since the day he was made even I suppose and if not then for an awfully long time the same as some of you that do not for some reason want the truth to be true and you who do that know that is true too.

If you do not want the truth to be true that does not effect the truth. If you deceive others to think your deception is true. Does that make you deception true? Of course not and you know that is true too. If you are deceived by someone or some way, any way that is not true, does that make the deception true or the way the only true way. Of course it doesn’t. When it comes to the truth deception is nothing and the truth is all there is and when it comes to believing deceptions why do you choose to believe them if you have not been hypnotized so that you have no way to judge the truth for yourself.

That is the Devil’s way and you know it. If you did not know that you know it now. Wake up out of that hypnosis. Resist it by not obeying the Devil and instead think what is the truth for when you find it you will know the truth even as you were made to know the truth.

The truth is God made everything. God made all angels whatever they are. God made all the aliens in space. God made you and me. Even those who do not believe that must believe that someone had to be first to create the reality that persists to this day and that someone had to be more persuasive than even the Devil for he cannot help but obey God for the reality of God requires that there is truth and God could not have made reality what it is without reality can change and therefore might end.

But even the concept of reality is such that it has always been and if reality has always been then that which is the truth must point to reality. If God is not true and the truth does not point to him then one believes not in God but reality and Reality has become their God but God is Reality. He is not true to reality. He is reality. The reality of God. There can be no other way.

Reality is reality or the search for reality is in vain and there is no truth which is what the Devil would have you believe for how else could he hypnotize you but to believe in his reality which is not reality for he would not be able to hypnotize you into believing a reality he presents as a truth that is a better way than the reality that actually is, the reality God has always known was true and is true to you too since he made you according to the truth and your very being points to what is real if you are real for if you are not real then what are you?

But many of you think you are that. You believe you really are what you think. The truth is that not that which you think you are is always true. Only a very vain hypocrite would choose to believe that. There is no one but God that has never made a mistake and that was only because he is reality and everything that is true is true to him just as everything that is true is true to reality. The two are only different in the way you conceive of them.

Since God is the personification of reality even to those who do not believe in God, to say there is no God is to misunderstand who God is personified to be. To say there is no God is to say there is no reality that it might be personified in a way that is useful to another person’s thinking. Why would anyone desire to stop people from thinking reality to be someone they can relate to? Because they do not like reality the way it is and the way it is conceived of today which is merely a different approach to wanting to recreate reality as had it been created the very thing Satan has been trying to do for a very long time.

But again if it is not reality then what is it and what was before it became the reality it is today. Reality being real has to have always been real and to believe in unreality is what a hypnotist does to his or her subject.

Choose then to be hypnotized by such a one as the Devil is or choose to believe the truth and adhere to what reality is rather than some cheap theatrical trick that has people honestly being a chicken while the hypnotist has control of their thinking.

Disobey the Devil. Disobey Satan. It is the only way to even find out what reality is and be real in every way and not just in your thoughts or anyone else’ thoughts. I have and I have overcome the hypnotic trance the Devil had me in since I was six though he claimed it was only four in order to make an even greater spectacle of me and mislead people as he always does about how grand he is even to that tiny bit.

Everything he sets out to do is a lie in its end. After 60 years under his control though I fought the trance as best I could every second you can believe I know his secret. How else could I have defeated him.

In the meantime between now and when at last believing the truth allows you to defeat him enjoy ever moment you can any way you can doing whatever brings you joy and above all love. Love yourself but not yourself only like Satan would have you do. Love me if you have no one else to love. Love anyone you find lovable or that you can love even if they do not love you. But love God in your heart and in your mind and do what he commanded me to do even if you think it is crazy and there is only the truth besides him. Then at least love the truth like God does and has even been personified that you may love it.

Love is true. Even the Devil cannot deny it though he thinks it insane to love anyone but himself and encourages other persons do to that. Even that love that the Devil wants you to do is true and love brings with it joy for as long as you have it, and the truth will always be true. So it is forever something you love even if you believe you will go to hell for loving yourself. If you loved yourself and others you will yet love them even in hell; but don’t ever believe you are in hell. That is not to disobey Satan.



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